SVEDKA Vodka launched its latest extension, SVEDKA Tropics Tea Spritz, a new spirits-based hard seltzer, from the award-winning vodka brand. SVEDKA Tropics combines SVEDKA Vodka with real tea, sparkling water, and natural tropical fruit flavors, that come together in an easy-to-enjoy hard seltzer. SVEDKA Tropics is available in three bold flavors: Pineapple Guava, Raspberry Kiwi and Orange Mango.

With 5% ABV, SVEDKA Tropics is an addition to any day to night drinking occasion. Available at an SRP of $19.99, SVEDKA Tropics is offered in a variety 8-pack containing four cans of Pineapple Guava and two cans each of Raspberry Kiwi and Orange Mango, all packed conveniently. The spirits-based hard seltzers are also available in a 4-pack for $12.99 SRP and a single can for $2.99 SRP. SVEDKA Tropics can be found at liquor and grocery retailers nationwide, as well as available for order via Drizly or Instacart.