Innophos, a leading international producer of high-performance minerals for the dietary supplement industry, announced the release of its new video demonstrating the significant advantages of Chelamax® Chelated Minerals.

The video expands upon the foundational work presented in Innophos’ recent Chelamax® whitepapers and is narrated by Dr. Robert Finn, Ph.D., Nutrition R&D Director at Innophos. 

“With the skyrocketing demand for mineral supplements during the last two years, it is critical to understand the quality of the minerals you are buying and how they can impact bioaccessibility and mineral absorption,” says Dr. Finn. “This exciting research allows Innophos to scientifically confirm the quality and full chelation of minerals and to measure the benefits of chelated vs. non-chelated minerals.”

In the Chelamax® video, Innophos presents scientific data proving the benefits of chelation in an easy-to-understand format that covers:

•           What chelation is and why it matters
•           Innophos’ industry-leading three-step process to prove chelation
•           Explanation of how minerals are absorbed in the digestive system
•           Results from most recent study showcasing the superior absorption of Chelamax® zinc glycinate vs. zinc oxide

“Only by using these three testing methods together can a product’s true makeup be confirmed—which is why our process is the most comprehensive and accurate—setting a new benchmark in the minerals industry,” says Dr. Finn.

Innophos is committed to providing the highest quality, science-backed products, and has raised the bar in the chelated minerals industry in terms of validation and transparency. Their portfolio of essential ingredients provides the efficacy, purity, and superior performance that today’s educated consumers now expect from the dietary supplements they purchase.

View the video and learn more about how Chelamax® fully chelated minerals can help you get the most from your mineral supplements.

About Innophos 
Innophos is a leading international producer of specialty ingredient solutions that deliver far-reaching, versatile benefits for the food, health, nutrition and industrial markets. We leverage our expertise in the science and technology of blending and formulating phosphate, mineral, enzyme and botanical based ingredients to help our customers offer products that are tasty, healthy, nutritious and economical. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Innophos has manufacturing operations across the United States, in Canada, Mexico and China.