Innophos highlighted results of recent studies comparing chelated zinc bisglycinate to traditional zinc oxide. The research examined the characterization of chelated minerals in dietary supplements and how chelation can enhance dissolution of a mineral. 

Results show that chelated zinc bisglycinate provides significant advantages for dietary supplement manufacturers, noting that chelation improves mineral absorption, bioavailability in the GI tract, the link between solubility and bioaccessibility, and dissolution rates of zinc tablets.

“The growth of mineral supplements continues to skyrocket—especially zinc, because of its immune support,” said Dr. Bob Finn, Director of R&D, Innophos, Inc. “It is highly important for the industry to understand whether all zinc is equally effective. We examined traditional zinc by comparing zinc bisglycinate to zinc oxide and found significant advantages of the chelated zinc bisglycinate.”

“Zinc bisglycinate is a chelated mineral that offers greater solubility and dissolution than traditional zinc oxide,” said Finn. “Levels of absorption are driven by the dissolution and solubility of the product; thus, solubility provides a bridge to bioavailability. This is crucial to understanding the quality and efficacy of the product. Bioaccessibility is an important factor impacting bioavailability. Bioaccessibility is defined as the extent that a nutrient is released from its matrix in the gastrointestinal tract, becoming available for absorption. These levels of absorption are driven by the dissolution and solubility of the product.” 

Innophos recently highlighted this research in a new whitepaper titled Chelamax® Zinc Bisglycinate: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Zinc, which delves into this research and showcases the significant advantages of the chelated zinc bisglycinate. 

Dr. Bob Finn will present key research findings for health and nutrition professionals during the upcoming SupplySide Network 365 event, on Tuesday, October 5, at 2:00 – 3:00pm EST.  The presentation will share research findings on the characterization of chelated minerals, the importance of bioavailability for absorption, and how chelation can enhance dissolution of a mineral. 

Innophos Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate is a chelated mineral that offers several advantages over zinc oxide including:

• Greater Solubility — Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate is more soluble than zinc oxide.
• Improved Stability — Chelamax® zinc bisglycinate is significantly more stable throughout the intestinal tract, where zinc is absorbed.
• Greater Bioaccessibility — Increased levels of mineral absorption throughout the intestinal tract, where zinc is absorbed.
• Three times the Dissolution Rate — Chelated minerals are more soluble in conditions mimicking the intestine.
• Physical Properties Suited for Today’s Preferred Supplement Forms — Solubility is needed in today’s delivery forms like gummies and soft gels. 

“At Innophos, we focus on manufacturing the highest performance minerals, as well as understanding the differences between mineral forms and how they impact our customers’ products. We understand that not all minerals are alike, an essential aspect of determining efficacy in a market where mineral supplementation continues to be in high demand,” said Finn.

Download the complimentary white paper.

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