Daiya launched two new plant-based innovations for BBQs, pool parties and other warm-weather activities. The dairy-free cheese company announced its Daiya Grilling Cheeze Block, a plant-based grilling "cheeze" made with oats and chickpeas, which forms a crispy, golden-burst outer crust without melting away when grilled or fried, and its new Feta Style Block, which crumbles in hot or cold recipes.  

This innovative cheeze is made with certified gluten-free oats and chickpeas and inspired by traditional Halloumi cheese from Cyprus. This one-of-a-kind cheeze isn’t prepared like most others: Daiya’s Grilling Cheeze Block is meant to be grilled and pan-fried (or even deep-fried or air-fried), maintaining its shape without melting. Crispy on the outside but creamy on the inside, this unique plant-based grilling cheeze also features tangy notes of herb and garlic throughout and will add a twist to Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Inspired by traditional Feta cheese from Greece, Daiya’s versatile and full-of-flavor Feta Style Block aims to transport consumers to the sunny seaside of Santorini: salty, tangy and bright with a semi-smooth bite. It is thinner in shape than Daiya’s other plant-based blocks, like its recently announced Classic Mozza block, which allows for an easy and satisfying crumbling experience. Daiya Feta Style Blocks are made with certified gluten-free oats and a touch of olive oil.