Gadot Biochemicals Industries, Ltd. (GBI), a supplier of citrate-based ingredients, fortifying minerals, bisglycinates, phosphates, gluconates, and custom solutions for the food, beverage, dairy, and nutraceutical industries, announced the appointment of Eva Criado Clemente as marketing manager and sales manager for Europe and Latin America (LATAM.) 

Gadot has experienced an unprecedented demand for minerals and expects to continue with this trend until the end of the year. “We welcome the addition of Ms. Criado Clemente to our marketing and sales team,” enthuses Ohad Cohen, CEO of the Israel-based company. “Her impressive experience will help energize global brand awareness, promote new ingredients, and develop our market in Europe.”

Based in Madrid, Spain, Criado Clemente brings to Gadot more than two decades of experience in omnichannel marketing and communications, business development, and strategic management for the nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and pharmaceutical ingredients. Her previous positions include managing business development and communications for multinational companies ranging from Weider Nutrition, S.L. to Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.U., and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. This experience, plus her comprehensive background in global strategy, international sales, distribution, and portfolio management, contribute to her unique, 360-degree view of the industry. 

“I’m excited to join this impressive global provider and the opportunity to help them grow their abilities to provide food, beverage, and nutraceutical developers with better-for-you ingredients that today’s consumer demand,” says Criado Clemente.

Gadot continues to rapidly expand its capabilities in nutraceutical, food, and beverage applications. With distinct competitive advantages that ensure continuous stock and unbroken supply chains, as well as well-established local production facilities, the company is not affected by the supply shortage issues currently plaguing the industry.