Founded in 2022 and born from startup advisory, Los Angeles-based technology services company Frame and Flight has a unique way of accelerating business ideas and technology products, by providing exceptional talent and putting more control in the hands of the client through a flexible retainer model. With extensive experience building and scaling new and mobile technologies for Starbucks, Nestle, and some of the largest innovation incubators, Frame and Flight founder Chris Brandsey sees opportunity in applying his agile prototyping and advisory methods to help SME and enterprise CPG, Retail, QSR, Food and Beverage, and Food Tech businesses innovate faster and accelerate learning.

The Take Flight model focuses on product incubation and acceleration, aligning desired outcomes with key technology enablers. The company provide end-to-end services to crystalize a clients’ vision, identify business opportunities, and build solutions through agile methodologies. This includes guiding our client’s teams through ideation sprints, capability gap assessments, road mapping, solution engineering, GTM strategy, market testing and positioning. Key service offerings include product & prototyping, unlocking actionable insights from your data, transformation, experience innovation, AI and automation, future store and e-commerce, personalization and loyalty, startup acceleration, and market research.

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly. Just five years ago mobile ordering was a new capability only seen in a handful of retailers. Today, the technology is ubiquitous with customers expecting these digital conveniences from their preferred brands. To innovate quickly a business must focus on the right trends and become experimental in their approach. In a sense, enterprise must view innovation as the life blood of their business and can look at startups for learnings on how to move quickly and efficiently.

Frame and Flight is currently in talks with major CPG and QSR brands and already has commitments from a few food tech companies and will continue to grow its leadership team in the coming months.

Frame and Flight is based in Pasadena, Calif. The founder and CEO of Frame and Flight, Chris Brandsey, helped build and scale BCG DV and Google Ventures startups. Prior to his startup experience, Brandsey worked at Starbucks and Nestle shaping and growing some of the most widely used digital and mobile technologies.