StarKist Co. announced its newest innovation: StarKist® Smart Bowls™. New StarKist® Smart Bowls™ feature seasoned grains and hearty vegetables with wild-caught tuna, all in a convenient, single-serve pouch. Smart Bowls™ are available in four flavor varieties, including Latin Citrus, Spicy Pepper, Tomato Basil, and Zesty Lemon.

StarKist® Smart Bowls™ are fully cooked and can be enjoyed directly from the pouch, or placed on a bed of greens or other vegetables for a more filling meal. They were created to be enjoyed as part of a light lunch, satisfying snack, or addition to dinner. Each single-serve Smart Bowls™ pouch has 10g+ of protein and 180 calories or less.

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StarKist® Smart Bowls™ will retail for approximately $1.25 per pouch and can be found in the Pouch/Canned Tuna section at many grocery retailers nationwide, including

StarKist® Smart Bowls™ are big on flavor and are available in four varieties:

- StarKist® Smart Bowls™ Latin Citrus - Quinoa & Beans with Tuna Pouches: Features classic wild-caught light tuna, plus quinoa, white beans, sweet corn, and a touch of lime and cilantro. Each pouch has 10g of protein and 5g of fiber.
- StarKist® Smart Bowls™ Spicy Pepper – Rice & Beans with Tuna Pouches: This product offers a savory blend of wild-caught light tuna, brown rice, black beans, hot sauce, and a touch of lime. The product has 11g of protein and 4g of fiber in each pouch.
- StarKist® Smart Bowls™ Tomato Basil - Barley & Beans with Tuna Pouches: A product that provides Tuscan-inspired flavors and features wild-caught light tuna, barley, tomatoes, basil, white beans, and aromatic garlic. Each pouch has 10g of protein and 3g of fiber.
- StarKist® Smart Bowls™ Zesty Lemon - Pasta & Beans with Tuna Pouches: This Mediterranean-inspired offering includes wild-caught light tuna, plus delicate rotini, kidney and garbanzo beans, and lemon for a bright burst of flavor. There are 12g of protein and 5g of fiber in each pouch.