The plant-based market is one that’s filled with choice but has historically also been filled with sacrifice when it comes to taste, of nutrition, and of sustainability. EverGrain® by AB InBev is disrupting this tradition with EverPro® barley rice protein, the first upcycled barley protein available to the world.

Shortly after the 2022 SupplySide West trade show, the EverGrain team will unveil its Upcycled Barley Nutrition Compendium, providing an in-depth review of upcycled barley, detailing how it shapes up versus other plant and animal proteins available at scale today. The Compendium covers the ancient grain’s history, nutritional profile, health impacts, future opportunities, applications, and more. The author of the report is Dr. Wendy Bazilian, a nationally recognized registered dietitian and American College of Sports Medicine-certified exercise physiologist.

“Barley has ancient roots as a life-giving food, but it’s also at the heart of one of the world’s favorite beverages: beer,” says EverGrain Founder and CEO Greg Belt. “This report highlights the nutrient-rich history of this ingredient and how upcycling barley is such a critical opportunity to reshape the future of food. It’s an opportunity for brands to leverage the many benefits of barley in the stories they share with their consumers.” 

Brands are already recognizing the opportunity, with several products powered by barley gearing up to launch. Through these partnerships, EverGrain is teaming up with some of the best innovators in performance nutrition to create new plant-based consumer products.

“Consumers deserve these kinds of products, that put taste, nutrition and sustainability first,” Belt said. “They’re essential if we ever want plant-based products to truly be able to compete against market standards.”

EverPro delivers best-in-class protein digestibility standards, with protein digestibility and absorption comparable to premium pea and whey protein, in vivo and in vitro studies proved this year (Source: True Ileal (Nitrogen) Digestibility Trials, 2022). When compared to all proteins available at scale today, it also contains the highest amounts of glutamine when compared to whey, soy, and pea protein, which is linked to reduced muscle fatigue and enhanced post-workout recovery.

“There’s a gap in the plant protein market right now: high protein typically comes at some environmental, nutritional, or financial cost,” Belt adds. “EverPro fills that gap, giving athletes and consumers more protein at lower cost to fuel their day. No compromises.”

EverPro also comes with a compelling sustainability story. Thanks to EverPro’s proprietary, Upcycled Certified™ and Non-GMO Project Verified process, the barley protein helps avoid food waste and emissions: delivering a lower carbon footprint and lower land and water use than other plant or animal proteins available at scale today. EverPro has 85% protein content and a complementary amino acid profile to pea protein that enables a PDCAAS of 1.0.

Ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink protein brands that share EverGrain’s mission to raise the bar for plant protein performance could meet with the company at the SupplySide West trade show at booth 1456. 

Attendees can sample EverPro-fortified protein shakes and hot coffee, while collaborating with formulators who can help improve taste, texture, nutritional profile, sustainability, and more. EverGrain’s prototypes focus on clean, high-protein beverages that push protein levels upwards of 25g while still providing a great taste. 

EverPro is readily available with a local, predictable, and stable supply, and the EverGrain team is prepared to fulfill orders or sample requests at the show.

“We can say all we want about how fantastic EverPro is, but tasting is believing,” says Rosa Sanchez, EverGrain’s Sr. Global Director of R&D Applications. “That’s part of why we’re so invigorated for SupplySide West: it’s a chance for the industry to taste what we’ve been working so tirelessly to perfect in the formulation lab. Most of the time, when plant protein formulations hit those high protein inclusion levels, that means they’re packed with all kinds of undesirable ingredients to mask off-tastes. With EverPro, you don’t have to worry about that.”

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About EverGrain
Introduced in 2020, EverGrain is committed to realizing the untapped potential of barley. Our partnerships ensure we have access to a stable, global supply of nutrient-dense barley, and our innovative processes allow us to capture the full potential of this existing natural resource to fulfill our commitment to the planet’s health and longevity. EverGrain transforms barley into world-class protein and fiber ingredients to suit the needs of food and beverage brands throughout the world.