The Wright Group, a global supplier of custom nutritional ingredients, has launched TWG Health & Nutrition (TWG). The new brand will be dedicated to the health and nutrition market, providing custom nutrient premixes, direct compression granulations, and microencapsulated ingredients and beverage solutions.

“TWG Health & Nutrition is an evolution in our company's history and strategic focus, reflecting our commitment to the health and nutrition industry today and as we trek toward the future,” said S.L. “Sam” Wright IV, President & CEO, TWG Health & Nutrition. “We remain a privately held company dedicated to delivering the highest quality nutritional solutions, offering an extensive toolbox of ingredient innovations for health and nutrition products to help accelerate our customers’ business so they can get to market faster, without compromise. Backed by our experienced R&D team leading our innovation process, we provide the highest quality standards and delivery speed because we tightly control our supply chain and production process. We are so much more than premixes, and our customers can rely on us to provide everything needed to add nutrition to your product. 

TWG Health & Nutrition offers a range of nutritional products including:

• Microencapsulated Nutrients (SuperCoat® brand), encapsulated amino acids, botanicals, minerals, nutraceuticals, omega-3 and vitamins, offer significant cost-in-use advantages, protect ingredients and reduce overages, and prevent reactivity

• Custom Nutrient Premixes (SuperBlend® brand), consolidate multiple nutrients into single-step ingredients in the final production process to deliver customized nutritional profiles and functionality requirements, increasing homogeneity in final products

• Direct Compression Granulations (SuperTab® brand), direct compressible granulations and drum-to-hopper blends deliver desired levels of nutritional value and functionality with excellent stability and consistency, ideal for high-speed tableting

• Beverage Products, functional microemulsion value-added ingredients to meet the high demands of beverage fortification

For over 100 years, The Wright Group has been a global leader in the development of new rice varieties as well as enrichment and fortification technologies in the rice industry. Over the years, the company has evolved into a leading partner the industry can rely on to deliver quality products to market faster, providing a broad range of innovative nutritional premixes, nutritional blends and value-added ingredients to customers in North America and worldwide.

“TWG Health and Nutrition is a new name, but our commitment to providing exceptional service for our clients remains the same and is part of our legacy,” added Wright. “The goal of TWG Health & Nutrition will focus on what matters most to our health and nutrition customers—supply chain sustainability, proven quality, outstanding service, true ingenuity, enhanced value and faster lead times. Delivering better value, by design is at the cornerstone of our successful relationships with our customers and why we will continue to start every conversation with ‘How can we help?’ Our customers have challenges and they can rely on TWG Health & Nutrition for answers.”