Solely introduced a healthy pasta alternative, Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta. Made from just one ingredient and nothing else, consumers no longer have to sacrifice their favorite pasta dishes to eat healthy. Consumers can find the new Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta exclusively in Whole Foods Market locations across the country.

The project starts with freshly harvested, whole organic Green Bananas, containing natural simple nutrition. Solely partners with a close network of Certified Organic Farms in Mexico and Latin America to source perfect and imperfect fruit. The brand then uses its signature patented cold-pressing process to transform the most nutritious dried Green Bananas, into a traditional Fusilli shape and texture that tastes just as it should. The dark-colored Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta cooks to an al-dente texture in only four minutes with a rich-tasting classic pasta flavor that pairs with sauces and recipes.

Solely's Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta opens culinary possibilities, all with just one nutritious ingredient. Green Bananas are a good source of fiber, high in iron and potassium, contain no added sugar, and are grain- and gluten-free. Like all Solely's good-for-you products, Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta is non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, Certified Kosher, and Vegan- and Paleo-Friendly.

Solely's Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta can find the product for $3.99 in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide starting this October, with online availability later this year on