Grön has launched its full lineup of Sugar-Coated Pearls and MEGA flavors in New York. 

Earlier this year, Grön debuted in New York with four flavor profiles of its Sugar-Coated Pearls and MEGAs. Now, the company’s full lineup of flavors will be available for both products across New York dispensaries.

Available Sugar-Coated Pearl varieties include:

  • Blackberry Lemonade (1:1:2 CBN/CBD/THC, indica)
  • Pomegranate (4:1 CBD/THC, hybrid)
  • Blueberry Lemonade (3:1 CBG/THC, sativa)
  • Tangelo (2:1:1 THC/CBC/CBG, sativa)
  • Raspberry Lemonade (sativa)
  • Peach Prosecco (1:1 CBD/THC, hybrid)
  • Watermelon (indica)
  • Tart Cherry (10:1 CBN/THC, indica)

Available MEGAs varieties include:

  • Cherry Limeade (indica)
  • POG - Passion Orange Guava (hybrid)
  • Blackberry (1:1 CBN/THC, indica)
  • Blue Razzbleberry (1:1 CBG/THC, sativa)
  • Lemonade (sativa)
  • Sour Apple (hybrid)
  • Tropical Twist (indica)

“Since our launch in New York this past April, the New York community has welcomed us with open arms and we couldn’t be more grateful,” said Christine Apple, founder and CEO of Grön. “We’ve already received great feedback from customers who love our Pearls and MEGAs. We’re excited to offer even more flavor and cannabinoid ratio options, allowing New Yorkers to enjoy the full range of Grön’s real-fruit flavors.”

Grön’s Sugar-Coated Pearls are organic, gluten-free, soy-free and infused with full-spectrum cannabis extract. Grön’s MEGAs are five times larger than their standard 10 mg Sugar-Coated Pearls. The MEGA is a single-piece sugar-coated gummy with 100 mg THC. Made with real fruit, MEGAs are also full-spectrum, gluten-free and soy-free.

Grön’s Sugar-Coated Pearls and MEGAs can be found at Strain Stars Long Island, The Travel, Curaleaf Hudson Valley, Etain and Gotham. They are in over 40 stores across New York State.