Cherished blog patrons, I may have misspoke last week when I suggested you had likely arrived at a point in our engagement when you wished you knew me personally. Why should you? I'm nothing but a forlorn homunculus with a penchant for long-windedness and a weakness for cold cuts.

That's right, I'm a meat eater! And I am not ashamed!
As a child my mother cooked her chili with bulghur and her lentil soup with... well, lentils. Then, when I was but a pliable nipper, my denim-wearing cousin screened a film called Troll 2 for me and my childhood friend Sherwood Day. I blanched at the opening scene and by the end credits Sherwood and I had turned to each other, clasped pinky fingers and pledged to never not eat meat.

I won't bore you with the through-points of this particular piece of post-slasher American cinema, but suffice it to say, it takes a pro-carnivore stance. To each his own, dear friends, but bring me bacon!

Today's truncated entry moves us quicker to what you came here for:
Articles and videos that may have escaped you from the meat, poultry and seafood world...

While a high-protein diet may have health benefits, not all protein is equal -- eating lots of red meat raises the risk of having a stroke while poultry lowers it, according to a U.S. study.

Consumption of baked or broiled fish on a weekly basis improved brain health and significantly reduced the risk of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease in a 20-year longitudinal study of older adults presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Sara Lee also plans to launch meat brands for the pre-sliced deli case and the cut-to-order deli department brands that play up old-world European butchery methods “to own the ‘world of charcuterie,'”

A survey found that men and women think very differently about burgers, revealing two major ways in which consumers’ burger preferences vary between the sexes

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