There is a morning lightning storm brewing. I'm compelled to use the colloquialism "a-brewing" as I write that. There is a morning lightning storm "a-brewing," as though I forgot what I was going to say just before the word brewing.

"There is a morning storm..."
"Yes, yes. Go on!"
"Right. There is a morning storm..."
"Say it, man. What's it doing?"
"Forgive me. It is... a... a-brewing!. Yes! There is a morning storm a-brewing!"

After an exchange like that — and I've had many of them — I need a nap. A good long snoozer as my close, if not omnipresent, childhood friend Sherwood Day says.
Sherwood: Always nearby with a cutting example of modern slang. Why, just the other day he used the term "cow-funk" to properly describe a new genre of music that blends the sonic palette of Chet Atkins with that of The Ohio Players.
Mr. Sherwood Day, friends, is on the cutting edge.

And so are we, as we look at articles and video presentations regarding the field of Organic & Natural as it pertains to food product development and formulation.

Have a look...

Claims on food labels that a product is organic, locally produced or made by workers subject to fair labor practices may mislead consumers into thinking that such foods are low in calories.

Experts at the Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicagosaid an estimated 30-50% of the food produced in the world goes uneaten.

Sales of products with Fair Trade USA's seal of approval for ethics and sustainability rose 75% in the fourth quarter of last year over the first quarter of 2011.

A study from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) finds some 78% of American families indicate they are choosing organic foods.

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Building Flavors and Nutrition Naturally

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Emulsion Technology with Functional Milk Proteins — Improving Product Through Natural Sources

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