I'm not one to complain. I certainly won't begin now. However, I would like to set the record straight regarding the bandied field of kitchen maintenance, washing dishes to be specific. I've never had the luxury of a dishwasher. My raw fingers now demand a constant regimen of occlusive, humectant, or emollient ingredients. Friends, it is a challenge every day to keep the back of my hands from cracking and falling to the floor like hastily consumed Funyuns.

I began washing dishes as a toddler in my grandmother's kitchen. She showed me the basics of scrubbing and using "elbow grease," which for some period I believed was actually a viscous substance excreted from the elbow. Then she turned me loose.

I became so efficient, she farmed me out to neighbors. I washed dishes up and down the block six nights a week. Fridays were reserved for pizza, which we ate on paper plates. What a gift to the world, paper plates.

During one dish-washing whirlwind, I scoured my grandmother's seasoned cast iron skillet, and when she discovered the ruined pan, she chased me into the backyard with a broom. Spry, my grandmother was.

To make amends, I saved dimes I collected from selling butterscotch at school and bought her a new iron skillet. I cooked sausage in it for five weeks straight so that it at least approached the well-seasoned character of her old pan.

Today, I still allocate many hours per week to washing dishes. Over the years, I've thought that the act is a cost saving measure. Now I wonder if I have made the wrong decision. Perhaps a dishwasher, overtime, is a proper cost-saving appliance. I'm a fool! A fool!

Here it is, this week's reduction: Articles and videos surrounding the subject of Cost Reduction in the development of new food and beverage products.

Dried fruits have the advantage of containing all the nutrients of fresh fruit, without the water, and provide added value to a wide variety of baked goods at reasonable cost.

R&D tax credit helps companies reduce taxes and get cash; it is a tax provision designed to stimulate economic growth.

For effective new product development (NPD), it is all about doing the right thing (with the product) in the right way (the process).

A significant source of cost cutting is happening at the grocery store, as nearly three quarters of shoppers indicate a higher level of concern about the cost of groceries, which has resulted in them buying less overall and cutting back on non-essential food and beverage items.

A range of studies has shown that low-income people, especially those who receive food stamps, face special dietary challenges because healthful food costs more and is harder to get in their neighborhoods.

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