I have very few compelling characteristics. I know this. It has always been the case. My sense of humor is thin, my cooking skills could be described as mild and I do not play a musical instrument. I wish I could juggle. I think it's within my grasp, but I have yet to purchase a Klutz book.

I can, however, blow big round bubbles with chewing gum. Pink, purple, green, it does not matter to me. I will blow big bubbles and perhaps even expand smaller ones within them. Worlds within worlds, is what I would say to my playground peers after blowing particularly successful nested bubbles. And most times they would look at me with spiraling confusion followed by curt dismissal.

Despite never being properly recognized for this talent, I still consider it one of my defining characteristics. Aside from comically poor vision, it is the thing that makes me, me.

But why divulge so much here in this forum? Each of you has probably blown terrific bubbles without feeling the need to commemorate the feat in broadcast text. That said, I suppose my chief characteristic is the unbalanced practice of sharing my life's details with complete strangers. Admitting this embarrasses me, but the act of admitting is nothing but another fissure allowing unwanted details to stream onto this page.

Yaps! Enough. We're talking gums & starches.

Here it is, your weekly reduction...

Starches can improve the shelflife, freeze-thaw and cold-storage stability, plus smooth texture and clarity, of food products (such as soups, sauces and dressings).

Hydro-Fi has been formulated to replace 50% of the eggs, and reduce costs, in cakes.

A focus on the fundamental characteristics of texture has led to a new, customized gum system, Ticaloid® GE 306.

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Uniqueness of Modified Wheat Starch: Improved Flavor and Salt Perception, and FIber Enhancement

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Cellulosic Hydrocolloids in Formulating for Weight Management

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