February 2012/Prepared Foods -- Penford Food Ingredients has extended its portfolio of corn starches for existing and new product applications. One of the line extensions entails hydroxypropylated capabilities.  These types of starches can improve the shelflife, freeze-thaw and cold-storage stability, plus smooth texture and clarity, of food products (such as soups, sauces and dressings). Other corn starch extensions include PenBind Waxy Maize 1700 Series with excellent freeze-thaw, acid/pH stability, retort stability, clarity and smooth texture; PenCling Waxy Maize 700 Series, which adds smooth and creamy texture, plus sheen and clarity to soups, sauces, gravies, processed meats and more; and PenCling 260 for meat, poultry and seafood coatings.

The company also recently increased its impressive line-up of modified starch systems that target the health/wellness market segment. PenFibe RS, a potato-based resistant starch, contains about 85% dietary fiber on dry solids basis. Its bland flavor and color adapt well to a wide variety of applications; including bakery products; gluten-free foods; sheeted, baked and extruded snacks; breakfast cereals/nutrition bars; and more. Functional benefits, according to the company, include low water-holding capacity; good recovery of fiber content; and minimal viscosity. It is a concentrated form of dietary fiber, is non-allergenic, and can reduce postprandial glucose levels, says Penford. Penford Food Ingredients, www.penfordfoods.com pf