We are seduced by sweets. Sugar is a drug for some of us. Not me. Give me a saltine over a chocolate square any day. That notwithstanding, sugar is a natural desire for us. It indicates safety. Our bodies want as much of it as we can handle. Sometimes that's too much. Enter sweeteners.

You, dear product developers, have worked a magic in the world of sweeteners, specifically making foods and drinks taste good with reduced sugar components. Allow me the word jeepers. I hesitate to employ it in this entry, but I cannot help my emotions. The strange word describes my exact feeling at this moment as I consider the obstacles and achievements you have made in the sweetener products you develop.

Here, I extend a modest offering of inspirational articles. Each focused on sweeteners in product development. Some feature a new product, others are rooted in news and trends, some research. I present it to you in hopes that you may find a kernel of information that propels you forward in your R&D efforts.

Now, go forth!

Your weekly reduction!

Articles and videos concerning sweeteners in food product development.

Define Sweetness Profiles
Ingredion’s new SWEETABULARY Sweetness Language helps formulators “dial in” sweetness and create consumer-preferred products.

Sweet Language
Ingredion Incorporated launched Sweetabulary sweetness language.

ABA Responds to Paper on Sugary Drinks
In response to a published paper, the American Beverage Association issued a statement.

FDA 'No Objection' to Reb M
The FDA has issued a “No Objection” letter regarding the use of Rebaudioside M (Reb M) as a general purpose sweetener for foods and beverages in the United States.

Solving the Challenges of Formulating Reduced Sugar/Low Calorie Fruit Juice

Solving the Challenges of Formulating Reduced Sugar/Low Calorie Fruit Juice

Find more articles and videos focusing on sweeteners in food formulations.