The other day, my father sent me a picture of a batch of scones he made, their tops golden and lilting to one side. I was transported. Goodness, I wanted one of those scones so badly. The sight, in an odd way, brought on the smell. I could imagine the scent in his kitchen, and I desperately wished I could experience it. Too bad I'm a horrible baker.

Baked Goods maintain an essential quality in our diets. Bread. The foundation of sustenance, some might say. Nearly all of us consume some bread-y product everyday. It gives us energy. And, my oh my, it gives us a good feeling. Baked goods signify happy moments in life, time with family, holidays, the slowness of a weekend when one has the opportunity to bake.

The loveliness of it all — you, dear product developers get baked goods in the hands of consumers in the most convenient of manners. Baked goods are labor intense. They take time to create. Many people do not have the time or inclination to produce them. They need you to step in. And with grace, you do.

With that, here are articles and videos to help you keep up the pursuit of the perfect baked good.

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Articles and videos about baked goods.

Clean Label Bakery
Watson introduces Mighty Strong, a new label friendly ingredient to replace azodicarbonimide.

Aging Consumers Looking for Healthy Products
Brand marketers and service providers have opportunities to better support the health and well-being of aging consumers.

Sweet on Sweets
Americans’ love of sweets has propelled dollar sales of packaged sweet baked snacks and desserts.

Yearning for Yeast
Baker's yeast dominated the yeast market globally.

Clean Label Solutions for Bread Production

Baking with Benefits

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