bread, clean labelThere’s growing consumer demand for simple, short ingredient statements. Likewise, consumer media has put a spotlight on ingredients that are seen to be out of place on the ingredient statement. If an ingredient has a name that is not recognized by a consumer, its safety for use might be questioned.

This presents both a change and an opportunity for the baking industry. Watson offers an innovative line of ingredients—and bakery technology experts—to accelerate a customer’s shift to clean label formulations.

Watson introduces Mighty Strong™, another member of its “clean team” of label-friendly ingredients. Mighty Strong allows for a flexible use rate based on your marketing goals. A use rate of 1oz to 2oz will replace azodicarbonimide. Use rates up to 8oz will allow the elimination of all chemical dough conditioners including SSL and ethoxylated products. Mighty Strong provides a better economic value than other leading brands because it is more concentrated, which means even less non-active filler for lower shipping and warehousing costs.

Likewise, use of Mighty Strong can reduce the need for additional gluten in a formula. For example at 8oz per cwt., Mighty Strong may allow a 2-4% reduction of gluten in a formula for additional cost savings.


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