I have considered making a journey to the desert this spring. I have had quite enough of the cold and ice. The desert, warm and dry, seems like a fantasy that just so happens to be a short plane ride away. In terms of weather, dry is what I desire. Regarding food however, l must insist that dryness be avoided with the help of sauces and marinades.

Now, I love a salted cracker as much as anyone else. On the right day at the right hour, I will devour a sleeve of simple crackers, chasing it with a glass of iced seltzer. The quench! However, in most of the day's eating moments, of which there are many, I, like most motivated human beings, desire a rich flavor, that which can only be delivered by sauces and marinades.

Must I shout it? Your work in the field has made this luxury possible. You keep us happy! You keep us sane! Do more!

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