A new product line of natural colorants includes a full range of annattos and carmines, available in dry, dispersed and blended formulations with high quality, good stability and better performance. Presented by Colorcon, West Point, Pa., the natural colorants provide food processors the opportunity to formulate products with both vivid and pastel shades, and offer consumers the advantage of foods containing natural, nutritive and biologic benefits.

Ideal for bakery, candy, snack food manufacturers and other food processors, Colorcon's natural colorant line includes products sourced from natural sources such as saffron, gardenia, black carrot, paprika, beet, turmeric and grape.

Colorcon, “The Color and Coating Specialists,” provides the food industry with a full range of highly functional colorants, and the technical expertise to formulate specialty blends. The company's technical support for food and confectionery customers includes color matching, in-house testing and on-site troubleshooting.

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