Soy Plant “On Line” in Fall

In a press conference held at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., on March 9, it was announced that an array of soy protein products, including soy protein isolate, will be produced at a Cargill Inc. plant that is going on line in Sidney, Ohio, this fall.

“We have achieved a breakthrough in taste,” says Mary Thompson, vice president of Cargill Inc.'s Soy Protein Solutions business. The proprietary technical change, used at the plant, allows soy protein isolate to be formulated easily into beverages, bars, vegetarian meat products and prepared foods. Blind taste tests conducted by a third party shows Cargill's soy protein isolate constantly wins, notes Thompson.

The soy protein market has undergone a dramatic revolution, thanks to the FDA's health claim that permits companies to highlight the cardiovascular health benefits of soy protein in their product. “The U.S. market for soy foods is estimated at $1.75 billion in annual sales and is experiencing double-digit growth,” says Thompson. Cargill's Soy Protein Solutions business is part of a larger Cargill initiative called Food System Design (FSD).

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Nikken Makes a Move

Nikken Foods Company, headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, has moved their St. Louis distribution center, LILAR Corporation, to a new 20,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility to a new location in that city. The move is expected to increase the efficiency of services such as sample and product order fulfillment, inventory management and shipment to customers throughout North America and the Caribbean.

LILAR Corporation soon will complete an on-site, fully equipped test kitchen to be staffed by Nikken trained research and development technicians to assist food manufacturers in developing formulas utilizing Nikken products.

Nikken Foods has been marketing natural and savory flavors, including dried seafood and vegetable powders, meat and poultry powders, and a wide variety of soy sauce powdered products, in the U.S. for more than 25 years. For more information: Herb Bench at 636-532-1019,

Kerry Acquires Extruded Ingredients Co.

Kerry North America, Beloit, Wis., has acquired Ringger Foods, Gridley, Ill., a leader in the development and manufacture of specialty extruded food ingredients. Ringger's specialty extruded ingredients include a complete line of crisped rice, crisped soy, and cookie piece products that are used throughout the food industry as sources of crunch, nutritional fortification, and flavor in breakfast cereals, chocolates, granola bars, health and energy bars, baked goods, ice cream, and other applications.

“Ringger Foods, when combined with our existing SPI Foods business, gives Kerry a leading position in specialty extruded ingredients,” said Randy McIntyre, chief operating officer for Kerry North America. Jeff Milne, General Manager of SPI Foods, will lead the combined entity.

GDL Gains “All-Natural” Status

The U.S.'s only producer of glucono-delta-lactone (GDL), Glucona America Inc., Janesville, Wis., has completed the steps necessary to substantiate that its Gluconal® GDL meets FDA requirements for an all-natural ingredient. Worldwide, the company's GDL food additive is the only one to have achieved “natural” status, notes the company.

The Gluconal® GDL is prepared via a fermentation process from corn, without any additional chemical processing or synthetic reactions. It is reduced to a white crystallized powder that is convenient for food manufacturing. As a controlled-release, non-bitter acidulant, it can be used in several applications, such as a substitute for enzymes in cheese processing or tofu manufacturing. It also controls pH to increase shelf life in products such as meats, prepared salads, dips and other foods.

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Animal Separation Anxiety

“When owners leave pets alone, even for a few hours, many animals suffer separation syndrome and can be destructive and disturb others, including neighbors. To calm one's pets (and neighbors), Natural Products for Pets Inc., Tustin, Calif., is stepping in to offer a new, natural “Prozac for pets” called Companion Separation Balance. “It's better,” says company president Leon Rosen, “because it's all-natural and interacts with the brain, instead of doping up the animal.” It also is recommended for rescued dogs that have been exposed to trauma and experience difficulty acclimating to their new

Brine Calculator Available

The PURASAL calculator, produced by PURAC America, Lincolnshire, Ill., is a free tool that calculates the cost and the amount of PURASAL in brine to be used in a product. PURASAL sodium and potassium lactates are used extensively as natural ingredients to extend the shelf life and increase the safety of processed meat and poultry products. The ingredients increase the water-holding capacity of cooked meat products such as frankfurters, hams, bologna and mortadela.

Tests have shown PURASAL increases the cooking yield of meat and poultry products between 1 and 3%. Increased yield compensates for the slightly higher brine cost associated with using PURASAL and may result in a lower formulation cost, depending on the amount used. The PURASAL brine calculator estimates the brine formulation by entering the yield and injection level.

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Hydrocolloid System Replaces Gums

Primera Foods/Zumbro Division, Cameron, Wisc., offers Vis*Quick 11, an instantized multi-purpose hydrocolloid system. Containing xanthan and guar gums, Vis*Quick 11 stabilizes and provides body for a wide variety of prepared, frozen and dry mix products including sauces, soups, dressings, and desserts. The product can be added directly to sauces that have vegetable pieces, such as salsa. In aseptic fruit preparations where the mixing and residence time are limited, Vis*Quick 11 completely disperses without producing “fish eyes.” It also effectively stabilizes cheese fillings in frozen Italian entrees.

Vis*Quick 11 is agglomerated to be free-flowing, easily dispersible, and lump-free for consistently high, finished product quality. Granular, dust-free Vis*Quick 11 improves plant environmental quality and safety. It also facilitates rapid clean-up for processing efficiencies and cost savings. Designed to replace xanthan gum for cost savings, Vis*Quick 11 also can replace a variety of gums in your product line for ordering and inventory efficiencies.
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Popular and Exotic Ethnic Flavorings

The buying power of ethnic consumers in the U.S. is believed to have reached one trillion dollars and ethnic foods are growing 9% annually. As the popularity of ethnic-type foods continues to grow and diversify, so does David Michael's, Philadelphia, line of ethnic flavors. The company offers numerous flavors that capture the tastes of such exotic places as Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, India, the Orient, Africa, and France. Additionally, local flavors, like Southwestern and Cajun, also are available. Hibiscus, jalapeno, green chiles, coconut curry, beef bourguignon, hot peanut spice, teriyaki, guanabana, and tamarind are just a few examples of the items in its extensive ethnic flavor library.

Furthermore, traditional ethnic favorites such as piña colada, margarita, salsa, guava and mango continue to gain popularity. The company's dedicated research & development, applications and sensory personnel are prepared to help customers fulfill their flavor needs.

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New USP Choline Standards Announced

Because choline is important for fetal brain development, heart and liver health, and cognitive function, it is important for everyone from expectant mothers to infants, as well as athletes and senior citizens. For years, the FDA has mandated choline be included in infant formulas.

Balchem Encapsulates, Slate Hill, N.Y., a business segment of Balchem Corporation (AMEX: BCP), is currently the only manufacturer that meets USP grade standards for both choline chloride and choline bitartrate. “Balchem is pleased to be offering the only commercially available choline products that meet these rigorous new standards,” says Lucien Hernandez, choline nutrient business manager.

For more information: Lucien Hernandez, 800-641-2001,

Patent for Dairy Culture Inoculation System

Chr. Hansen, Milwaukee, has been issued a U.S. patent for an automatic inoculation system for concentrated dairy cultures. The new system supports new culture concepts that currently are under development by the company. The system offers large manufacturers of cheese an easier, safer and more flexible inoculation method for adding starter cultures to cheese vats.

The company is a primary supplier of cultures, natural colors, natural flavors, seasonings, sweeteners, enzymes, probiotics, and tablet excipients and coatings.
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Flavors to Make You Blush

A new line of Blush Fruit Flavors has been introduced by Robertet Flavors, Piscataway, N.J. These light and crisp flavors are ideal for use when subtle flavor profiles are desired and can be used to create delicate fruit-flavored beverages and add background notes. The flavors are available in natural, liquid and water-soluble formats, and in the following flavors: Blush Blackberry, Blush Blueberry, Blush Cherry, Blush Cranberry, Blush Peach, Blush Raspberry, Blush Red Grape and Blush Strawberry.

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New Sugar Plant Being Built

The United Sugars Corporation, Bloomington, Minn., a marketing cooperative of sugar producers, has announced its plans to market liquid sugar produced at the United States Sugar Corporation, its member refinery in Florida. To this end, the latter company is building a new, state-of-the-art facility in Clewiston, Florida, to help meet the needs of liquid sugar customers in the area, currently serviced by a third party. The expansion is to be completed in the fall of this year.
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Frozen Cranberry Benefits Consumers

Cranberries long have been recognized as an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. The berry also helps provide a good defense against urinary tract infections. Crystals International Inc., Plant City, Fla., offers Crystals™ Cranberry Freeze-dried Fruit Powder. The powder remains free-flowing at ambient temperatures of 70° F and is a good replacement for juice concentrates. The premium powder has a juice content of 70%, and good solubility, natural flavor, nutrient content and natural color.
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Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Marigot Limited, Cork, Ireland, and Continental Custom Ingredients Inc. (CCI), West Chicago, Ill., have announced a joint agreement in which the latter has been appointed the exclusive distributor of AquiMin calcium products in North America.

CCI will provide all sales, field technical service, applications development and marketing of the AquaMin line of calcium products. Marigot Ltd. will continue to harvest manufacture and produce AquaMin calcium products. The agreement covers all food areas.

AquaMin is a natural seaweed product that has a wide variety of essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc. For more information: Travis McMahan, 800-323-9489,

Natural Antioxidant Withstands High Temperatures

A new line of effective and versatile antioxidants for use in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries has been introduced by RAD Natural Technologies Ltd., Harrison, N.Y. The Origanox ™ line of natural antioxidants is manufactured without solvents or processing chemicals, as they are extracted from Origanum vulgare, a non-toxic edible herb species (considered as GRAS by the FDA) which is particularly high in the antioxidant rosmarinic acid.

A hydroxycinnamic acid compound, rosmarinic acid is known to be an effective and a fierce free radical scavenger, as well as an inhibitor of enzymatic reactions associated with inflammations, autoimmune and aging processes in the human body.

Maintaining its electron-absorbing properties at sustained high temperatures (up to 180º C / 356º F), rosmarinic acid can be baked into foods without impairing its antioxidant properties and without diminishing the number of free radicals released by frying when it is added to edible oils. As a result, Origanox, which is completely water soluble, can be used in a wide range of applications, such as meat, fish, baked and fried products, salads, dressings and pastas.

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Sidebar: THE IN BOX:

Don Poos has joined GSC Blending (formerly Georgia Spice Company), Atlanta, as the director of sales. Poos is based in Dallas, Texas, and will focus primarily on foodservice. GSC Blending and Packaging has been an innovative producer of blended dry products since 1968.

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), New York, a leading creator and manufacturer of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer products, has announced some changes. The Aroma Chemicals and Ingredients segment now reports to D. Wayne Howard, executive vice president, global operations.

Also, Joel Shane has been promoted to vice president, global business development -Aroma Chemicals and Ingredients, and Dr. Steve Huang is now the vice president, global manufacturing - Aroma Chemicals and Ingredients.

The Enzyme Development Corporation has moved to a new office. The new address is: 21 Penn Plaza, 360 West 31st St., New York, N.Y. 10001.

Sidebar: Cavity Prevention with Coffee

A new research study indicates coffee may help prevent cavities. The finding is reported in the Feb. 27 issue of theJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Coffee made from roasted coffee beans acts as an antibacterial against certain microorganisms, includingStreptococcus mutans (S. mutans), a major cause of dental caries. Scientists at two Italian universities conducted laboratory tests that showed certain coffee molecules prevent adhesion ofS. mutanson tooth enamel.

“All coffee solutions have high anti-adhesive properties, due to both naturally-occurring and roasting-induced molecules,” says the study's lead author, Gabriella Gazzani, Ph.D., of the University of Pavia. She and researchers at the University of Ancona analyzed samples of green and roasted arabica and robusta coffee from different countries.

“All of the tested samples inhibited S. mutans adsorption and showed inhibitory activity ranging from 40.5 to 98.1%,” according to the article.

The data suggests that trigonelline, a water-soluble compound in coffee that contributes to the aroma and flavor of the beverage, “may have the major responsibility for coffee's anti-adhesive activity.”