A new website showcases the value of resistant starch in nutrition. National Starch Food Innovation designed the site to complement its Hi-maize[r] 5-in-1 Fiber. Providing fewer calories than flour, with less of the side effects of digestive fiber, Hi-maize[r] 5-in-1 promotes digestive health, balances energy by lowering glycemic response of foods and helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. National Starch, www.5-in-1-fiber.com

Eggstra Stable

Mayonnaise and salad dressings have a new partner in egg management. Maxapal[tm] A2 phospholipase A2 enzymes deliver processing and product benefits. Egg yolk treated with Maxapal A2 forms an emulsion that is highly stable, with a higher viscosity than untreated egg yolks; products have a longer shelflife with improved heat stability. Maxapal A2 is kosher-/halal-certified, the purest commercially available and easy to add to products. DSM Food Specialties, 800-662-4478, info.savory-USA@dsm.com