PurNutra Inc. will be the world's first company to produce and package a new line of all-natural omega 3/ DHA-enriched cheese. The Canadian dairy producer-owned company will release the product under the OmegaSmart™ brand name.

OmegaSmart has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and, through distributor Advantage Foods International Inc., should already be on store shelves in the northeastern U.S. Canadian distribution is expected to follow soon. OmegaSmart will be available in eight-ounce, 10-lb., 40-lb. and shredded cheese products, and PurNutra plans a line of omega 3/DHA-enriched dairy products, including ice cream, yogurts and dairy spreads, within a year.

DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, has shown indications of helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and attention deficit disorder. In addition, researchers believe there may be a connection between low DHA levels and Alzheimer's.