May 2004 Issue--Mrs. Paul's and Van de Kamp's (both owned by Pinnacle Foods, St. Louis) are trying to lure children to fish. To do so, the new Fish 'n Dips are tying into what is fast becoming one of the hottest child-marketing trends.

Fish 'n Dips contain approximately 30 breaded fish bites and five individual Heinz (Pittsburgh) ketchup cups. As a Pinnacle spokesperson notes, “Individual dipping cups make eating fish a fun, personal experience for kids and, at the same time, they satisfy moms' desire to feed their kids tasty, nutritious and convenient meals.”

McDonald's (Oak Brook, Ill.) will likewise embrace the concept in June, when it launches Apple Dippers nationwide. McDonald's offering includes 2.4oz. of apple slices with a caramel dip.

Dipping has created successful new products in fading categories. For example, while consumers report eating fewer breakfasts, Nielsen Research (New York) has found sales of dippable frozen breakfast foods are up 35%.