A delicate balance of ingredients is required to make the formulations of some of consumers' most beloved foods look and taste just right. Cold-weather favorites (like soups and gravies) and perennial comfort foods (like ice cream) wouldn't be the same without the proper components. Gum systems that include guar can play a key role in maintaining product integrity and flavor. TIC Pretested[r] GuarNT[r] 3500 F Powder, from TIC Gums, is a fine-mesh guar gum that promotes fast hydration in applications such as soups, gravies, marinades and dairy products like ice cream. The gum imparts an exceptional creamy texture to both milk- and water-based systems, yielding creamier soups, richer-tasting ice creams and smoother sauces and gravies. TIC Gums, 800-221-3953, www.ticgums.com