In battered fried foods, the starches help coatings adhere to the product, resulting in a less oily product.
Foods that undergo heat processing need help to protect their moisture, texture and appearance. Starches are integrated into coatings and batters to help form flexible and clear coatings for bakery, snack, confectionery and batter applications, allowing manufacturers to present foods in the form they were intended.

The Pure-Cote® family of specialty food starches, developed by Grain Processing Corporation (Muscatine, Iowa), includes B792 and B790, specifically modified to be primary and secondary film-formers for coatings that are water-soluble and clear, and that provide good sheen. These properties are optimal in foods such as fried vegetables, meats and fish, extruded cereals, bakery glazes and more. The company offers a full line of corn-based starches for a variety of uses.

In batter and breading applications, the modified starches allow coatings to better adhere to the surface, resulting in a crispier, less oily product. Additionally, the ingredients contribute toward freeze-thaw stability, permitting the product to better withstand the distribution cycle.

In extruded grain products such as cereals and snacks, the starches provide better crispness and expansion, extending their shelflife. Finishing glazes that incorporate them work well as clear coatings for cereals, nuts and snacks, while barrier coatings provide shine to panned candies and other confections. Starch-based adhesives boost the ability of particulates to stick to cereals, nuts and other snacks.

In baked goods, glazes incorporating the modified starches deliver an even high gloss on the baked good, and also help with adhesion. Additionally, the starches help to discourage moisture migration from the products into the air, prolonging shelflife. Because they contain no fat, the starches also reduce the number of calories in the product.

The Pure-Cote B790 modified food starch requires cook-up to 180ÞF to become fully functional. It easily can be dispersed into cold water and then heated as required. Instant Pure-Cote B792 has been pre-gelatinized. It readily hydrates in cold or hot water, with good agitation and mixing properties. Its film-forming abilities make it ideal for many food-coating applications.

In a baked goods application, the Pure-Cote B792 modified food starch can be dry blended with maltodextrins before being added to the kettle water. While it is not necessary that the water be high-temperature, the hotter the water, the faster the starch will dissolve, and the lower the viscosity (this will result in easier spraying and faster drying times). For optimal mixing, the additional powdered ingredients should be added into the vortex of a rotating mixer. Brushing the coating onto bakery products gives them a high-gloss surface and a better appearance. By weight, a typical high-gloss instant tack coating could consist of about 76% water, 15% Pure-Cote B792, and 9% of the company's Maltrin® M180 maltodextrin. Particulates and seasonings more easily adhere to bread with a casting of 5-15%.

Developers interested in formulating fried and extruded foods and snacks that are crispy, crunchy and not oily will benefit from the many positive attributes of the modified food starches. The ingredients not only protect product quality, but also contribute to a better presentation.

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