May 28/Chicago Sun Times-- The Kool-Aid Man bursting through walls these days might be a little trimmer.

Kraft Foods' Kool-Aid is touting lower-sugar versions of the powder drink mix.

Kraft announced that this year, the brand is launching four reformulated products and one new product to meet the company's healthier food offering program.

On tap are Sugar Free Kool-Aid drink mix, on the market since 1983; a version of that product in the single-serve stick packets; regular Kool-Aid drink mix in the stick packets; ready-to-drink flavored bottled water; and regular sugar-sweetened Kool-Aid mix.

"We're firmly committed to providing moms and kids with products that combine better-for-you beverage options to help support a healthier lifestyle," said Kirstie Krall, senior brand manager for Kool-Aid.

The Kool-Aid changes follow the recent reformulation of Capri Sun ready-to-drink pouch beverage with 25% less sugar.

From the June 9, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash