A gritty texture is not expected in milk, so it also is not expected in a yogurt smoothie, soymilk or other milk replacement. Nevertheless, when consumers replace milk, they still want to receive a comparable calcium RDA.

Gadocal K, a new patent-pending calcium citrate compound by Gadot Biochemical Ind. (GBI) is specifically designed to provide the perfect solution for calcium fortification of soymilk, fluid milk, smoothies, infant formula and other milk replacements with no sedimentation and no protein coagulation.

Additionally, Gadocal K can be added up to a level of at least 300mg per serving (240ml is approximately 8oz) or 30% of calcium RDA (the same amount as in cow's milk).

“Creating a stable suspension in milk drinks and soymilk and avoiding any sedimentation could be easily achieved by using Gadocal K, without adding any stabilizer such as a hydrocolloid,” explains Ronny Hacham, vice president of business development and marketing at GBI.

Gadocal K is a unique form of calcium potassium citrate. “According to many studies, potassium citrate may contribute to a higher bioavailability of calcium,” continues Hacham. Gadocal contains about 15% elemental calcium, about 6% elemental potassium and is designed to maintain complete dispersion capability when added to solutions with a neutral pH.

GBI, Israel, develops high-value ingredients with synergetic effects for the mineral supplement, food and beverage markets, specializing in developing products that have high bioavailability.

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