July 13, 2007/Biotech Law Weekly-- Chr. Hansen's scientists see interesting potential in new, unique fermentation technology which improves conditions for "friendly" gut bacteria.

Yoghurts, soft drinks or juices with many more of the "friendly" gut bacteria (probiotics) with higher longevity and improved health effects - superior fermented dairy products or new developments within functional foods, we cannot even imagine today. These are some of the interesting prospects, Chr. Hansen researchers and technicians are facing with the help from this new technology.

Revolution within fermentation technology
"Historically, Chr. Hansen has delivered quite a few technological breakthroughs to the food industry and the consumers. Especially within dairy cultures this has made the company the undisputed world-leader. And we always look out for new opportunities and new technologies to support innovation and development. We see this as a revolution within the fermentation technology, and we expect to expand, develop and boost our production of cultures and at the same time engage in unique product development of products that could reach the global consumers in 3-5 years," explains Knud Vindfeldt, executive vice president, Cultures & Enzymes, Chr. Hansen.

The technology is based on sophisticated filtration technology, which is unique in performance and at the same time environmental friendly, as it is possible to reduce, e.g. ammonia and waste water in the production.

Based on the initial research and exclusive technology of Jurag Separation A/S, Chr. Hansen now takes the step to further develop and implement the technology for application in industrial scale.

"We are entering fairly unknown ground here. The need for investments is big -- and the results are yet unknown, but we are optimistic about it," says Knud Vindfeldt.

Strategic cooperation
The initiative is a result of a strategic cooperation between two very diverse companies. Jurag Separation A/S is a small and fairly new company born from a DTU innovation background. Chr. Hansen is a leading player on the global ingredients market with 2500 employees and sites in more than 30 countries.

From the July 16, 2007, Prepared Foods e-Flash