Cooperative Texturizers

Designed specifically for dairy systems, National Starch created four new N-DULGE™ Texturizers to provide manufacturers with versatile, easy-to-use tools to develop indulgent textures. The first in a line of novel texturizers that the company is launching in the next several years, N-DULGE products are what the company calls co-texturizers. This concept involves a standard, base viscosifier as the texture foundation and adds a non-viscosifying co-texturizer to provide sensory attributes such as slow or even meltaway, full mouthcoating and other desired traits. National Starch Food Innovation, David Manion,,

Trans-free Bakery Shortening

Health professionals recommend that consumers keep dietary saturated fat intake as low as possible. SansTrans RS39 T20, developed by Loders Croklaan, provides excellent baking results—even though it contains 30% less saturated fat than traditional trans-free bakery shortenings. Other advantages include lower cost compared to other reduced-saturate shortenings, oxidative stability similar to traditional bakery shortenings and improved processability compared to other reduced-saturate shortenings. It is not hydrogenated, contains 100% vegetable oil and is kosher. Loders Croklaan, 800-621 4710,,

Enhanced Flavors Through Beer Extract

Delivering hearty beer flavor, Dried Beer Extract from Butter Buds Food Ingredients has the natural taste of beer in an easy-to-use, spray-dried from. It is convenient for use in snack seasonings, processed meats, soups, sauces, etc., without concern over safety, licensing, refrigeration, handling and cooking time. It enhances sweet flavors in confections, savory flavors in meats and provides full-leavened taste in bakery. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, William A. Buhler, 262-598-9900,

Clean Labels Through Oxygen Removal

Organic food manufacturers face the challenge of ensuring the quality of their packaged products throughout supply chains. Multisorb Technologies offers a set of sorbent solutions that preserve freshness by controlling oxygen and moisture levels within the packaged environment. Proactive oxygen scavenging removes oxygen, maintaining food qualities that otherwise would require additives and prevent a clean label status. Moisture also is regulated to ensure the product does not become too dry or moist. Multisorb Technologies, John F. Solomon, 972-540-1797,