Helpful Hydrocolloids

The first to commercialize a food grade xanthan gum product, CP Kelco is a global leader in the hydrocolloids market and offers products serving a multitude of functions, including thickening, texture, water control and stabilization, as well as gelatin alternatives. The KELTROL® xanthan gums include several differentiated products with a variety of functional properties; the newest addition to the line, K0B619, is a food-grade xanthan gum with higher stability in low pH environments and enhanced interaction with galactomannans such as guar gum. CP Kelco also has developed lines based on gellan gum, pectin, and carrageenan, such as GENU® PLUS Texturizer for marinated meat products with increased moistness and reduced drip loss, SIMPLESSE®microparticulated whey protein concentrate, and GENUTINE® gelatin alternatives. All the company’s products are manufactured in ISO9002-certified facilities. CP Kelco, Cindy Palermo, 858-292-4900,

More Flavor, More Weight

New chicken and turkey flavors from Proliant offer both flavor and functionality. C5501 Chicken Flavor and T5501 Turkey Flavor improve texture and juiciness, control purge, and enhance flavor in processed meat applications, even at low hydration rates, and are stable at high heat and pressure. Flavor plus functionality equals cost savings for the food processor. Proliant, Inc., Rachel Martin, 800-369-2672,

A Rice Milk Drink

A 100% vegetal, ready-to-use dry mix used in the production of rice milk, Nutriz-M, introduced by A&B Ingredients and the first of a new line of Nutriz rice drinks and desserts, contains over 95% rice and its natural derivatives. Developed to respond to the demands of the consumer for superior-tasting rice milk, Nutriz-M meets stringent requirements of color, solubility and stability, and is lactose- and cholesterol-free. A&B Ingredients, Gil Bakal, 973-227-1390, ext. 219,

Healthful New Concepts

New concept products presented by Cargill Health & Food Technologies focus on women's health, heart health and energy. Sweet Life, a phytosterol ester chocolate drink, offers a safe and effective means of reducing cholesterol levels and improving cardiovascular health. A natural option for cardiac health, phytosterol esters help reduce the major risk factor for heart disease. Trehalose, a type of sugar made from cornstarch, occurs naturally in many plants and foods, including lobster, yeast, and honey. It has half the sweetness of sucrose and is the agent in two lemon-lime concept drinks presented by Cargill, Cruz Control and High Gear. Now affordable and commercially available for the food industry, trehalose is an exceptional energy source and has a wide range of applications including nutrition bars and sports drinks. Cargill Health & Food Technologies, Sara Thurin Rollin, 952-742-2275,

Pan Asian Tastes

The confluence of Asian and Western flavors, Pan Asian flavors offer the distinctive tastes and textures of Asian cuisine to American consumers. Griffith Labs' Culinary Technovations introduces Pan Asian, flavors designed to meet the increasing demand of American tastes for Asian flavors and aromas. No longer limited to Chinese and Japanese foods, Americans are showing enormous interest in Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisines. Pan Asian flavors provide food technologists with the materials to meet these demands. Griffith Laboratories, 800-346-4743

Aged Flavor in Processed Cheese

Two new products merge the benefits of pasteurized process cheese products with the high impact flavor of aged cheddar cheese. ChedaSharp® Pasteurized Process Cheddar Cheese and Pasteurized Process Cheese Sauce Base 200 from Kraft Food Ingredients have improved melt characteristics and consistency in flavor and texture, when compared to natural aged cheese. These new high-flavor products enable food processors to benefit from pasteurized process, formerly limited to mild American cheese flavor. The new products afford processors improved handling and storage over natural aged cheese, including longer shelf life. Kraft Food Ingredients, Pamela Schoenster, 901-381-6684

Cultivating an Attitude

This company challenges food processors to “Give your food an attitude” with its line of Cheese Buds® and Dried Beer Extract®. Cheese Buds® can replace up to 50% of more expensive cheese powders with 1% to 3% powder and whey solids or fat for bulk. Beer extract adds a hearty beer flavor without the alcohol. Both are all natural, require no refrigeration and have a shelf-life of over a year. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, 262-598-9900,

Blending Solution

High-shear blending plus scraped surface heat transfer in one vessel, Breddo Likwifier Plus offers a solution to a wide range of agitation problems. The Breddo Model LORSS provides fast, efficient blending and heat transfer, with no product burn-on or freeze-on. Cook with steam and/or hot water and cool with glycol, water or brine. Breddo Likwifier, 800-669-4092

The Egg Product Buyer's Guide

A comprehensive directory of further egg processors in the U.S. Egg Board, is now available. Divided in two main sections, the guide provides listings of processors by product (further divided by Dried Product, Frozen Product, and Refrigerated Product) and in alphabetical order. The second section also provides a list of distributors and brokers who supply egg products. The guide is color-coded for easy reference. The American Egg Board, 847-296-7043,

Multifunctional Masking

Multifunctional blends of flavor ingredients, Prosweet® products from Virginia Dare are designed to improve flavor, mask off-notes, reduce bitterness and enhance sweetness. Applications include milk- and soy milk-based drinks and yogurts, fortified foods and beverages, soft chews and chewing gum, candies, frozen desserts and baked goods. Virginia Dare,

Clearly a Choice

A truly water-soluble form of natural-source vitamin E, Vitamin E 230 Clear® from ADM Nutrition makes it possible to formulate clear or transparent beverages with natural-source vitamin E. It may be incorporated into beverages with little or no flavor adjustment. Vitamin E 230 Clear® is cold-water-soluble and highly stable and has minimal interactions with other ingredients used in beverage applications. Only 126mg per serving supplies 100% daily value. ADM Natural Health & Nutrition, 800-510-2178,

Fresh-brewed Flavors

Combining unique flavor-recovery technology with fresh raw materials, Sensus captures delicate flavor ingredients at their optimal flavor quality, creating a range of flavor essences, concentrates and extracts. With the opening of their new, state-of-the-art coffee and tea processing plant in West Chester, Ohio, Sensus adds a completely integrated manufacturing facility specifically for the production of flavor essences, extracts, and concentrates for coffee and tea. The processing system at this new facility produces fresh-brewed flavor components without thermal damage or heat-induced flavor off-notes. The state-of-the-art processing achieves continuous processing with unusually high throughput, for economical and efficient collection of true flavor tonality from coffee and tea. Sensus, LLC, Dan Wampler, 513-759-6500,

Programmed Flavor Release

Through proprietary encapsulation technology, FLAVORSHURE® Flavor Delivery Systems from Balchem deliver customized encapsulated flavor for nutritional and food applications. Designed to assure targeted delivery and controlled release of flavor, encapsulation provides stability, functionality and consistency to the customer's application and protects against heat, moisture, oxidation, and reactions with other ingredients. Flavor is released when and where the food technologist wants. Using different coatings, FLAVORSHURE encapsulation can be programmed to release when triggered by abrasion or chewing, heat or cold, water solubility or emulsification. FLAVORSHURE even offers multi-layer encapsulation for delivery of flavors using more complex functionality, secondary complementary flavors, or colors. Balchem offers customization of flavor delivery systems to suit the customer's specific application. Balchem Corporation, 877-222-8811,

Orders to Answers Online

A new online resource for the feed, food and dietary supplement industries has been introduced by Roche Vitamins. Nutra/Access ( offers an efficient, streamlined, ordering, tracking, and information source for industry. Place orders, find details about price, package size and ingredients, download documentation, material safety data and Kosher certification, virtually formulate premixes and obtain quotes, and link to and, the two industry-leading information sites on human and animal nutrition and health, 24 hours a day, all on-line. Customers can even set up a personalized “My Favorites” catalog and build an individualized collection of products specific their needs and business requirements, and monitor and follow up on existing orders. Customers are invited to register Roche Vitamins Inc., Diane Hnat, 973-257-8322,

Cooking Oil for Weight Loss

A new cooking oil clinically proven to help with weight loss has been introduced by ADM Kao LLC, a joint venture of ADM and the Andrew Jergens Company, a U.S. subsidiary of the Kao Corporation. Enova® oil contains 50% diacylglycerol oils, a natural component of vegetable oils, which the body metabolizes differently from other oils. Clinical studies have shown a reduction of 50% in the fat-rich particles present in the bloodstream following a meal containing Enova® oil. This oil has been acknowledge GRAS by the USFDA for use as a cooking oil and spread; unlike other products, the oil is not a “fat-substitute” but a naturally-derived cooking oil with no side effects. ADM Kao is working to expand GRAS categories to include other uses for Enova® oil, including any application using vegetable oil. A U.S. production facility was commissioned in Decatur, Ill., and the oil will be available later this summer. Archer Daniels Midland Company, Tony DeLio, 217-424-5200

Leveraging Leavening Agents

The selection of leavening acid can significantly impact stack height, diameter and rollability of flour tortillas and wraps, according to the results of an experiment by Astaris Food Phosphates. Use of Levn-Lite® sodium aluminum phosphate results in a tortilla dough which divides, rounds, presses and bakes more efficiently, producing a tortilla with improved stack height, tenderness and foldability. Levn-Lite® provides for exceptional batch tolerance, extended stability, controlled leavening during baking, and consistent product. Astaris offers tailor-made leavening for specific applications and pre-blended custom baking powder for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Astaris LLC, Astaris Marketing Technical Service, 800-244-6169

Sautéed Onions and Garlic

Sautéed Vegetable Paste is a new product line introduced by Nikken. The highly-concentrated paste is guaranteed to possess consistent flavor, aroma and color and, unopened, is room temperature-stable under normal conditions, with a shelf life of 12 months. Salt is not used to stabilize these concentrates, so the flavor is super clean and non-salty. Varieties include Sautéed Onion Paste, Sautéed Onion Paste with onion pieces (10mm cut) and Sautéed Garlic Paste. Nikken Foods Company Ltd., Herb Bench, 636-532-1019

Eliminating an Icy Reception

A functional ingredient that adds quality to reduced-fat and -calorie ice cream formulations as well as typical formulations, Dairy-Lo consistently delivers more dairy flavor notes, a creamier, fully rounded flavor and more richness to higher fat formulations. Designed to improve flavor and mouthfeel to low-fat applications, the protein-based Dairy-Lo, a product of Parmalat, improves emulsification and stability and controls water migration, resulting in decreased iciness and slower melt time. Parmalat, 877-891-0811,

Natural Solutions

From StabilEnhance® water- and oil-soluble rosemary for antioxidant properties to ColorPure® fruit and vegetable extracts for coloring, RFI uses natural ingredients to enhance and protect customer products. RFI offers antimicrobials for meat, poultry and dairy applications, specialty ingredients such as amino acids, botanical liquids for health and immunity enhancement, and fruit concentrates, purees, spray dried fruit powders and roller-dried fruit flakes. RFI Ingredients, Rich Huntsinger, 845-358-8600,

Smooth Soy

A uniform soy powder with a minimum of 40% protein content, SPP MultiBase offers the health benefits of soy in the production of milk-type blends, without the characteristic “beany” overtones typical of earlier soy products. A 100% whole bean product, high in functional isoflavones, MultiBase is GMO-free and processed without chemicals. In soymilk and related beverages such as smoothies, yogurts, and soy-based frozen desserts, MultiBase provides a creamy mouthfeel while contributing to the taste profile of the final product. Specialized Protein Products, 949-488-8828,

Clinically-proven Probiotic

A world leader in probiotic development, Rhodia Food offers a full range of ingredients for health and nutrition. NCFM®, a unique strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus and among the world's most extensively tested and proven probiotics, is the newest member of the probiotic cultures marketed by Rhodia under the Florafit brand. Beta-Trim®, a natural food texturizer, has been shown to help reduce serum cholesterol. Containing beta-glucan, Beta-Trim® products are all-natural, derived from oats, cold-soluble, and sold in a free-flowing powder format. Different formulations offer functionality in lowfat foods, bakery and meat products, nutritional beverages, bars and cereals. Rhodia Food,

Non-GMO Ingredients

Food processors who wish to avoid the GM issues associated with corn now have an alternative. Crystals International Inc. has just received USDA certification for its non-GMO potato and rice maltodextrin carriers. The company offers a full line of freeze-dried powders, including non-GMO fruit powders, 100% juice fruit and vegetable powders, enhanced fruit flavors, sweetened condensed milk powders, and nutraceutical fruit and vegetable powders. Crystals International also offers contracting, customization and a pilot plant for testing and assessment. Crystals International Inc., 800-237-7629,

Much More Mouthfeel

Liquid dairy base technology, along with dairy and non-dairy powders, combine to offer customers innovations in beverage development. Wild's Dairy Solutions contributes improved mouthfeel and increased viscosity, and offers a flexible platform for the addition of other ingredients to produce a customized smooth and creamy beverage application. Also new is their Organic Creations® line of flavors, specifically designed for use in organic foods. The line includes flavors from Cherry Cola to Mandarin Lime, and meets the USDA Organic Food Standards for the use of natural flavors. Wild Flavors Inc., 888-WILD-Flavors,

New Weighting Agent

A GRAS Notification for SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate) has been filed by Eastman Chemical Company with the Food and Drug Administration. SAIB stabilizes flavoring oil emulsions in beverages. It also is used as a weighting agent in citrus beverages, preventing separation of oils. SAIB is odorless and flavorless at typical beverage levels. Eastman SAIB is virtually 100% sucrose acetate isobutyrate and is produced under current good manufacturing practices for food ingredients. Eastman Chemical Company, 423-229-1698

Color- and Flavor-injected Cheese

A new concept in cheese offers encouragement to children to boost their calcium intake—flavored cheese. Not just cheese-flavored cheese, but almost any flavor imaginable, from blueberry to chocolate to bubble gum. Dairy Management Inc.®, the planning and marketing organization that builds demand for U.S.-produced dairy products on behalf of America's dairy farmers, has overseen development of a process to create cheese in flavors—even coffee and wine—and color it to match, offering consumers a complete sensory experience. The process involves injecting young, mild-flavored cheese such as Muenster or Monterey Jack, before the curds knit. As the cheese ages, the flavor and color spread throughout the block. DMI invites food processors to contact them for more information on how to utilize this system. Dairy Management Inc., Technical Support Hotline, 800-248-8829,

Chromium Picolinate Goes GRAS

A trace mineral patented for its use in weight loss, cholesterol control and metabolic function, the inclusion of chromium picolinate in nutritional products enhances consumer interest. Nutrition 21 has announced GRAS approval of Chromax chromium picolinate for use in function bar and beverage products. Nutrition 21 invites interested food processors to work with them in the development or reformulation of their products to include this important nutrient. Nutrition 21, 914-701-4500,

Gum Options

A fully integrated supplier of pure gum acacia and other gum products, Importers Service Corporation offers pure gum acacia as well as gum arabic, gum talha, gum tragacanth and ghatti. These products are 100% natural, 100% pure, and certified GMO-free, and are used in a wide range of applications, including as a source of dietary fiber and as an emulsifier in foods. Additionally, they are utilized for their non-crystallizing and coating properties in candy. Importers Service Corporation, 201-332-6970

The Taste of Mexico

Delivering authentic Mexican flavor, Mexichef's revolutionary paste products eliminate the labor-intensive cleaning and processing of Mexico's distinctive flavor ingredients. Available in convenient, resealable 1-lb containers, Mexichef Pastes have a superior shelf life than dried peppers. A variety of traditional peppers have been ground into unique, typically Mexican flavors. Developed by Mexican chefs for Mexican chefs, the pastes can be used in dozens of preparations, from soups to pizza to seafood to margaritas. Mexicorp Food LLC, 915-629-0753

Stable Omegas

Omega-3 fatty acids are an important part of a heart-healthy diet. Martek offers an improved source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid, that can be added to functional foods, infant formulas, early childhood nutritional products and dietary supplements. Martek derives DHA from microalgae, a source superior to fish oil, as it is 10 times more stable, toxin- and pollutant-free, and environmentally responsible. Martek Biosciences Corporation, 410-740-0081,

A Memorable Worcestershire

Nothing brings out the flavor of foods like classic Worcestershire Sauce from French's. French's WORC® Sauce works in dozens of different foods, from marinades to soups to rice to salad dressing. Available in liquid or dry form, sauce, concentrate or sauce base, WORC® Sauce offers chefs flavor to make foods memorable. Now available: Rochester Sauce, similar in flavor but light in color, with a pleasing, pungent aroma. French's Ingredients, Elyse Gomez , 800-4FRENCH,,

Whole Grain Flours

Produced under the same stringent high quality standards as their existing product line, complementary product offerings have been announced by Minnesota Grain. Whole Grain Specialty Flours, such as pearled barley, whole grain durum, and whole grain hard red spring wheat, some available in organic form, join micro-controlled Mustard Flour and Organic Flaked Grains. Minnesota Grain also announces an agreement with Champlain Valley Milling to market organic grain-based food ingredients to the food industry. Minnesota Grain, 651-681-1460

Seed to Shelf Compliance

The CERT ID program developed by Genetic ID offers food processors a strategy to confirm compliance with GMO regulations. The CERT ID program includes features such as full traceability of product contents from seed to retail shelf with full documentation, third-party verification, highest P-value demonstrating lowest possible risk, and full defensibility to meet any inquiry or challenge. Documented, certified non-GMO verification streamlines food processing by eliminating the need to test at every level of processing. Genetic ID maintains laboratories in the U.S., Japan, and Germany, as well as affiliations with labs around the globe. Genetic ID NA Inc., 800-229-2011,

Branding Protein

Many consumers are turning to the health benefits of soy. DuPont Protein Technologies offers food marketers Solae® brand soy protein to enhance mainstream foods with the nutritional appeal of soy. Independent research indicates steady growth in the soy foods market, and nutritional research only shows more evidence to the value of soy in a healthy diet. DuPont Protein Technologies is a leading researcher, producer and marketer of quality soy products to the food industry. 800-325-7108,

Roasting Flavors

Innovative flavors designed for rich savory notes, Red Arrow's family of Roastin'® flavors provide savory depth for the taste of long, slow roasting while not sacrificing short preparation times. New Roastin' Turkey 2002® offers the subtle taste of roasted turkey skin, complemented by a heartier note for the flavor of Thanksgiving turkey. Other Roastin'® products provide the flavor of roasted chicken meat, chicken skin, and grill notes. Red Arrow Products Company LLC, 920-863-5500,

Customer Categories

To better serve customers, Kerry Ingredients has announced the formation of the company into several highly-specialized technologies. The new divisions will focus exclusively on the technologies related to their function. The new Kerry business units include Kerry Coatings, a leading supplier of batter and breader systems; Kerry Seasonings, providing seasonings and liquid and dry sauces; Kerry Specialty Ingredients, supplying functional and flavoring systems for retail, foodservice and industrial food manufacturers; Kerry Sweet Ingredients, customized ingredients for use in ice cream, confectionery, bakery and other products; SPI/Ringger Foods, a full-line supplier of extruded grains and cookie bits; and Kerry Ingredients Canada and Kerry Ingredients Mexico and Central America, providing functional and specialty products to meet these specialized markets' demands. Kerry Ingredients U.S., 608-363-1515

Concentrating on Cheese

Suitable for addition to shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen applications where flexibility is key, the highly versatile concentrate introduced by Sargento offers an exciting alternative to the average cheese sauce. Chef Style can be used in an endless variety of applications, diluted to almost any level of viscosity, and easily modified by additional flavorings for a custom taste and consistency. The concentrate contains less water than average sauces, reducing freight and storage costs, is available in up to 40-lb packages, and is product-consistent and shelf-stable. Plus, by adding their own flavors, food processors save cost and storage of expensive pre-blended sauces. Mike Gordy, 800-795-7090

Naturally Colorful

New colors in the Exberry® line from GNT, Shade Bordeaux offers a new, kosher, GSE replacement product that contains no sulfites, while Shade Mango Yellow replaces annatto and is ideal for cheeses, yogurts, milk drinks and other lipid-based dairy applications, especially where a clean label is required. Shade Bordeaux imparts a grape-purple color and, unlike Grape Skin Extract, can be used in many other applications besides beverages, including fruit preparations, confections, bakery bits, yogurts and frozen desserts. GNT USA, Inc., 914-524-0600

Custom Stabilizer Blends

Custom blends from Gum Technology offer food manufacturers cost efficiency without sacrificing quality. Focused on high-quality specialty stabilizers, Gum Technology guarantees its customers the same personalized service—whether the need is for a standard stabilizer or a customized product for a unique situation. Quality product reduces the quantity required, resulting in less flavor masking than occurs with other thickening agents. Gum Technology, 800-369-4867,

Responding with Specialty Fats

Not content with merely providing a complete line of shortening and oils, margarines, and specialty fats, Bunge Foods' unique New Business Development Process ensures that new technologies are available to meet customers' need for quick responses to product and market opportunities. Bunge Foods' service-oriented, technical expertise is ready to handle customer questions and problems. Bunge Foods, 800-828-0800,

Choline for Health

Choline deficiency contributes to liver damage, abnormal kidney function, infertility, growth impairment, bone abnormalities and hypertension. While the human body cannot produce choline in appropriate quantities, the main dietary source for choline, lecithin, is found in various foods. However, since its best sources are in fat- and cholesterol-rich foods such as egg yolks, red meat and organ meats, current trends towards lower-fat and lower-cholesterol foods may reduce the average consumer's access to lecithin in these forms. Food manufacturers are expected to begin to add choline to food products to enhance nutritional value. Central Soya is a worldwide leader in producing lecithin products as functional and nutritional food ingredients, and is a committed and involved advocate for regulatory actions benefiting consumer health. Central Soya Company Inc., 800-348-0960,

Cold (Swelling), Clean Flavor

A new instant ingredient designed to provide viscosity without cooking, Grain Processing Corporation introduces INSCOSITY® modified food starch. It maintains a clean flavor and smooth surface appearance. A functional cold-water-swelling corn starch, INSCOSITY® provides excellent freeze/thaw and steam table stability without syneresis and is ideal for hot- or cold-water dispersible applications. Grain Processing Corporation, 563-264-4230

Prebiotic Offering

A soluble dietary fiber, Fibersol-2® has a prebiotic effect on good intestinal health, provides a variety of physical and sensory functionality to foods and beverages, and is heat, retort, acid, and freeze/thaw stable. A spray-dried powder, Fibersol-2® is GRAS as maltodextrin, is free-flowing and readily soluble in water, and has no flavor of its own. It also is certified kosher and pareve. Matsutani America, 217-875-9819, a href="">

Co-branding Cheese Powder

Powdered cheese enhances many applications, such as seasoning blends, snacks, sauces, and dry mixes. Humko Specialty Powders, a division of ACH Food Companies, has announced that it will exclusively dry and market Sargento® cheese powder to the food industry. This agreement will not only offer the opportunity to add Gold Medal Award-winning cheese flavor to products, but to be able to do so in a convenient, shelf-stable, powder form. This agreement also offers the customer to add value to the product by co-branding, subject to the approval of Sargento®. Humko Specialty Powders, 901-381-3190,

An Instant Flax Back

BevGrad™ Flaxseed has been specifically designed for smooth nutritional and energy beverage applications. The fine-milled, 30-mesh ingredient is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids (24%), soluble dietary fiber (10%), lignan phytoestrogens and other phytochemicals. The ingredient's light tan color and mild toasty flavor blends smoothly into beverages prior to pasteurization or hot-fill processing. The component can boost the energy and nutritional value of vegetable and fruit drinks, smoothies, teas and soy milks. Pizzey's Milling,, 800-804-6433

Finding Fiber Fixes

Solutions to your dietary fiber fortification needs are provided by J. Rettenmaier. Thermo-mechanically produced wheat fibers are sized for maximum uniformity, functionality and quality. Bamboo fiber, that helps prevent breakage in snack foods, has been added to their line that also includes orange, apple and oat fibers, among other sources. J. Rettenmaier USA,, 877-243-4661

Sidebar: More Reasons to C

Researchers in Finland found that ingesting enough vitamin C to maintain healthy levels may reduce the risk of stroke. The June 2002 issue of Stroke featured a study in which scientists measured the vitamin C blood levels of middle-aged men who had no history of the disease, and then monitored them for 10 years.

Interestingly enough, the men with the lowest vitamin C blood levels had a risk of stroke more than double of those with the highest levels of the vitamin.

The researchers theorize vitamin C may act as an antioxidant, helping to strengthen artery walls and preventing blood platelets from clumping together and adhering to artery walls. Foods that are rich in the vitamin include citrus fruits, kiwis, broccoli, peppers and mangoes.

In other news on vitamin C, cataracts affect more than half of America's senior citizens, and they are the result of opacity of the lens—proteins are damaged and this results in opaque spots that can obstruct vision and, eventually, lead to blindness. There are different types of cataracts, and a study published in the March edition of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the role vitamin C plays in reducing the risk for cortical (peripheral) cataracts in women under the age of 60.

The study, for which Roche Vitamins provided a grant, found that a 57% lower risk for cortical lens opacities was found in the women who had a vitamin C intake of about 362mg per day than those who ingested less than 140mg daily. Additionally, women who took vitamin C supplements for more than 10 years had a 60% lower risk than those who did not take a supplement. This was the second of two studies conducted on cataracts by the Nurses Health Study (NHS).