May 14/Newport Beach, Calif./PRNewswire-FirstCall -- International Food Products Group Inc. (IFPG) chairman/CEO Mr. Richard Damion announced that the corporate name will be changed to Advanced Technologies and Products Group Inc. This along with the formation of three wholly owned subsidiaries Newport Digital Technologies Inc., Restaurant Holdings Group Inc., and Golden Choice Foods Inc. Damion commented, "This name change better reflects the company's expansion into a variety of new technology and product categories." A formal application is being made to NASD, and it anticipates that a new trading symbol and CUSIP number will be issued shortly.

Newport Digital Technologies Inc., through its collaboration with the Institute for Information Industry (III), will manage III's business interests in wireless digital technologies, as well as software products in North, South and Central America, Japan and South Pacific countries, and will be releasing a number of significant announcements in the coming weeks.

Restaurant Holdings Group Inc., through its affiliation with Inka Grill Franchises Inc., is now in the initial stages of launching the first major Peruvian restaurant concept in the United States. Francorp Inc. is spearheading all logistical, structural and legal components of the entity.

Damion commented, "The company has made significant strides in creating this structure, it allows us to streamline operations and better leverage these major opportunities. IFPG has developed robust relationships with major retailers and club stores nationwide; these existing relationships will prove invaluable as we introduce new technologies and products to the marketplace. I believe that this new structure will dramatically increase shareholder value."

From the May 27, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash