Attracting consumers with new, interesting flavors is not a new strategy, but using an ingredient like pickles to do so in a frozen treat is not exactly common. The new Pickle Sickle is a treat that should be consumed frozen, made from the brine left over from pickling and from freshly squeezed pickles, giving it a unique taste. Described as a “tongue curling treat” originating from Texas, Pickle Sickle is also positioned as a healthy alternative treat for children to replace other, more common, sugar-based frozen treats.

Pickles are said to contain vitamin A, iron, potassium and manganese, and each 2oz pack is said to contain 1oz of nutrients and 1oz of water. The company says it is a suitable snack for diabetics, referring to a study where people who ate pickles and vinegar before a meal were found to have reduced blood sugar spikes afterwards. However, the item does have a relatively high sodium content, contributing 10% of the recommended daily value of sodium. This may somewhat offset the nutritional value of the product.