There is little question that consumers want natural, clean label products. According to the March/April 2008 issue of theNutrition Business Journal, U.S. sales in the natural and organic foods market stood at $26.7 billion in 2007. Consumers’ desire for these types of products, in turn, drives interest in natural ingredients. For example, according to Global Industry Analysts’ “Carotenoids: A Global Strategic Business Report,” the U.S. market for these ingredients, many of which are colorful antioxidants, is expected to increase by $8.59 million between 2007-2010. However, when it comes to formulating color into processed prepared foods, formulators often must make a difficult choice. Certified colors (i.e., FD&C) are generally very stable and available in a wide range of hues, while non-certified colors (often referred to as “natural”) exist in a more limited color range, are often not vibrant, and may show variation in both intensity and hue, due to natural variations.

To assist with these issues, Sensient Colors Inc. has introduced a new line of natural colors under the Fusion brand name. By bringing together over 100 years of expertise in color science and application formulation work, precise colors can be obtained by the food processor--from initial product development efforts to the end of the product’s shelflife. The Fusion line pushes the existing limits of natural color, extending the color spectrum available, and offers stability without preservatives or GMOs, notes Sensient. Fusion opens up new opportunities and solutions to the marketplace, delivering clean, consumer-friendly label declarations, coupled with vibrant and consistent natural color options that processors have been asking for, says the company. Additional advantages to this new color line include vivid natural colors with high concentration levels that result in lower usage rates, precise shades with exact specifications, ease of use (i.e., in a liquid format so no mixing is needed) and the elimination of off-flavors and aromas sometimes associated with natural colorings.

Red is the most sought-after color in the beverage market. For this application, Sensient offers Fusion Red, a proprietary red coloring. Fusion Red blends some of the most stable shades of natural colorings available, as proven through rigorous testing. (See chart “Testing for Stability.”) “Fusion offers a wide variety of colors that help drive the unique personality of your beverage. Furthermore, Fusion protects your brand, through increased color stability over other natural colors in the marketplace,” says the company spokesperson. 

Fusion is available for multiple applications including beverage, bakery, dairy and confection.  
--Kerry Hughes, Technical Field EditorFor more information:
Sensient Colors Inc. • St Louis, Mo.
Karen Brimmer • 800-325-8110