September 27/Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions & Ventures Week -- Bond Laboratories Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire NDS Nutritional Products Inc.

"With our Fusion Energy products division continuing to expand rapidly and gain broad acceptance in the marketplace, we felt that now is the time in our corporate development to pursue a strategic acquisition. From inception, we have planned to grow the Company organically and through acquisitions. NDS Nutritional Products has a strong history and brings tremendous resources to our organization. Established in 1998, NDS focuses its dynamic capabilities on providing cutting-edge quality products in the weight loss, sports nutrition and general health categories. Its emphasis is placed on the education of the consumer in regards to the unique attributes of its diverse product line. Its strength is in the health and nutrition channel, which will nicely complement our current, rapidly growing retail distribution network in convenience stores and mass. We have built this growing network through the introduction of our first offering, the Fusion 6+ Hour 2 oz. Energy Shot. This network now includes some of the largest brokers, distributors and retailers in North America," commented Eric Schick, president of Bond Labs.

"NDS is not only going to make a substantial contribution to our bottom line. It will assist Bond in pursuing our vision: the next generation of preventative health products for a country of people that continue to live longer, healthier lives. Bond makes investments in people; it is all about the synergies among the companies that we operate and the individuals who run them. The attraction for Bond is obvious: the acquisition of NDS underscores the importance we place on our reputation as innovators," concluded Schick.

Closing is expected before the end of the month.

From the September 29, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash