December 29/Digital Journal -- Experts from World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) have warned that consumption of a large glass of wine a day could trigger the chances of cancer by 20%. Even though many studies have confirmed that consumption of alcohol could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the latest research report by the scientists of WCRF has revealed that a large glass of wine a day could enhance the risk of several common types of cancers like liver and bowel cancer by a fifth.

Not only wine, the same risk is applicable for a pint of beer or a few alcoholic beverages like gin and vodka.

According to Dr Rachel Thompson, the science program manager for WCRF, just 20ml of ethanol (two units of alcohol) per day could raise the probability of bowel cancer by 18% and the risk of liver cancer by 20%. Although it is said that moderate alcohol drinking could be quite helpful for cardiovascular diseases, this new warning would certainly make some people upset especially those who were having it for defending heart problems.

Thompson said, "If you are drinking a pint of lager or a large glass of wine every day, then this might not seem like a lot, but the science shows you are increasing your risk of bowel cancer by 18% and your risk of liver cancer by 20%."

She continued, "When you consider how many cases of these types of cancer are diagnosed in the U.K. every year, it is clear that drinking even relatively small amounts of alcohol can make a significant difference. Every year more than 3,000 liver cancer cases are diagnosed in U.K. and annually almost equal number of people dies due to this disease." According to WCRF study drinking alcohol could also trigger the possibility of several other cancers like breast cancer and cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus.Despite having so many strong evidences unfortunately many people still do not have any idea how alcohol consumption could enhance the risk of cancer.

From the January 5, 2009, Prepared Foods e-Flash