On the Street - Kalsec Offers Next Generation Herbalox Seasoning Antioxidants

Kalsec®, the manufacturer of Herbalox® Seasoning, and leader in natural oxidation-management solutions, has added a new product platform to its natural antioxidant product range. Herbalox Seasoning XT is the next generation of rosemary-based antioxidants, offering food and beverage manufacturers the ability to maximize the level of antioxidant activity, while controlling flavor and aroma in the finished product. Herbalox Seasoning XT products were developed for use in applications that are sensitive to flavor and aroma, such as edible and fry oils, baked goods and snack foods. The original Herbalox Seasoning is a natural rosemary extract that extends shelflife in foods and beverages by controlling oxidation reactions. This delays the onset of flavor deterioration, the development of off-flavors, texture changes and color loss. The addition of Herbalox Seasoning has proved beneficial in a wide range of applications, including fresh, frozen precooked and processed meat and poultry, sausages, ready meals, soups, sauces, beverages, fish, vegetable oils and spice blends. The addition of XT to the portfolio allows the company to offer customers the broadest range of natural antioxidant solutions, with maximum oxidation control and a clean label. Kalsec Inc., 800-323-9320, www.kalsec.com

From the March 30, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition