On the Street -- Symrise Producing Newest Generation of Evoglass Flavors

“From  its  state-of-the-art facility in Teterboro, N.J.,  Symrise is now producing large-scale supplies of Evoglass® encapsulated flavors, the Symrise brand of glass-type matrix extrusions,” announced Donna Rosa, category director, Symrise Flavor & Nutrition North America. Evoglass has a uniform particle size, 0.6 and 1mm, making it larger than spray dried flavors. This size, in addition to its water solubility, provides the functionality needed in dry beverage mixes. “The shelflife of Evoglass flavors is outstanding,” Rosa said, “up to four years for most flavors and as long as two years for citrus flavors.” The glass-type matrix allows for the creation of extremely oxygen-stable flavors that deliver excellent flavor intensity. The Evoglass brand is dust free, with low odor, and flavors can be made in any color or colorless. Symrise has most recently developed a sugarless version and is now offering a new, needle-shaped Evoglass for tea bags. The unique needle shape is ideally suited to tea bags, because its form is similar to tea leaves. The Evoglass line also features standard, sugar-free and needle-shaped products for a variety of fruit, mint and brown flavors. Symrise, 201-462-5637, www.symrise.com

From the September 14, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition