On the Street -- Clabber Girl’s New Innovaphase™ Line at IFT

A leading producer of leavening for home and commercial bakeries is introducing an improved series of products at the upcoming IFT show (booth 2154). Clabber Girl, best known as the producer of retail baking powder and other baking essentials, is a primary source of chemical leavening systems for industrial and commercial bakeries. The new product line, using a proven system of encapsulated technologies, will be marketed under the InnovaPhase™ brand name exclusively by Clabber Girl and their ingredient distributors. The new line includes InnovaBake™, an encapsulated leavening system with a flexible control, allowing bakers to not only control leavening reaction overall, but also the timing of multi-staged release leavening. This offers a commercial bakery control, consistency and stability over both the process and finished product. Another element of the new line is InnovaYield™, a specially formulated dough conditioner for use with frozen batter and dough applications. The new dough conditioner increases dough height and improves overall yield, consistency and quality of the finished goods, says the supplier. The third new product is InnovaFresh™, a preserving system that controls the chemical reaction which produces a lower pH, reduces moisture absorption and extends shelflife for finished good. Bakers will find it delivers an improved appearance, excellent crumb texture and also lowers waste, reduces raw material costs and provides greater profits, says Clabber Girl. InnovaPhase is a proprietary, multi-stage encapsulate technology designed exclusively for industrial and commercial bakery operations, mimicking the traditional double-acting, baking powder two-phase method.

Clabber Girl, 812-232-9446, www.clabbergirl.com

From the May 11, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition