Unsaturated Fatty Acids Improve Agility in Mice
July 1/Vienna/Xinhua General News Service -- Scientists of the Veterinary University of Vienna have discovered that one kind of unsaturated fatty acids -- n-6-fatty acids -- can effectively enhance the movement ability of the body.

According to a report from the Austrian Press Agency (APA), a scientist at the university's Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Christopher Turbill, obtained this conclusion through a feeding test on mice.

He divided the mice into two groups, one was fed with drinks mixed with a large number of sunflower seed oil rich in n-6 fatty acids, and the other mixed with linseed oil rich in n-3 fatty acids.

After two weeks, the two groups of mice were put on a test track, and it was found that the group fed with sunflower seed oil ran faster than the other group fed with ordinary vegetable oil. In the two-second sprint race, the former ran faster at an average of nearly 40cm than the latter.

The Austrian Press Agency quoted Walter Arnold, director of the university's Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, that currently, scientists still could not explain the reasons for this phenomenon, but polyunsaturated fatty acids seems to be good for health.

At present, such polyunsaturated fatty acids playing a role in the field of human medicine is a hot topic.  

From the July 6, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition