On the Street -- SunOpta Expands Functional Fiber Portfolio

October 27/Toronto/GlobeNewswire -- SunOpta Inc. provided an update on fiber operations within the SunOpta Ingredients Group and announced that the group has expanded its portfolio of fiber products to include MultiFiber blends, SunOpta Soy Fiber blends, and SunOpta Pea Fiber.

Internally developed, MultiFiber products are blends of fibers that serve as a source of fiber for fortification while meeting specific textural goals.  

SunOpta Soy Fiber Blends, also internally developed, provide a combination of functional fiber and protein. The new and proprietary blends utilize internally sourced soy fiber derived from SunOpta's vertically integrated soymilk process.

The SunOpta Ingredients Group also announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Best Cooking Pulses of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, who will produce pea fiber under the SunOpta brand. Pea fiber is made from the hulls of field-dried peas and is a by-product of pea splitting. The process of making pea fiber is highly sustainable from start to finish. Pea crops are not irrigated, and the manufacturing process uses little water in the cleaning, splitting and milling into fiber.

Doug Shreves, president of the SunOpta Ingredients Group, commented, "We are continually seeking to expand our healthy ingredient solutions and believe our new fiber blends and our relationship with Best Cooking Pulses are major steps in continuing to provide nutritious and functional fiber ingredients for our customers. With the growing demand for fiber-fortified foods, we believe these additions are key to meeting market demand while at the same time positioning the SunOpta Ingredients Group for continued growth."

From the November 9, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition