Around the globe, upscale bars and restaurants are infusing hard alcohol drinks with all-natural herb or botanic extracts. Tea Forté, a maker of several tea blends and other tea-oriented items in the U.S., recently unveiled its Cocktail Infusers Collection, consisting of three specially blended tea infusers of Lavender Citrus, Lemongrass Mint and Silkroad Chai.

Consumers place the pyramid-shaped infuser directly in a cocktail glass, pour in the hard liquor of choice, and mix with ice and a non-alcoholic accompaniment. Depending on the preferred intensity of their cocktail’s tea component, consumers may remove the Tea Forté infuser shortly after mixing the drink or drink the beverage with the infuser in place. The company website recommends pairing Lavender Citrus with Martinis and Cosmos; Lemongrass Mint with Mojitos and Gin & Tonics; and Silkroad Chai with Rum & Tonics and White Russians.

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