Lower-cost Option
A sweetened, dried cranberry (SDC) has been added to a portfolio of dried fruit ingredients. Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology Group has introduced new Choice SDC, a low-cost option that delivers the same high quality as the Classic Soft & Moist SDC. Appealing to food manufacturers wanting to improve the taste, appearance and nutritional profile of their products, the Choice SDC also meets demand for consistent, cost-effective, value-added ingredients, says the company. Choice SDCs add distinctive flavor, attractive points of color and real fruit texture to baked goods, cereals, bars and trail mixes--without impacting processing. Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology Group, 508-946-7606, www.oceansprayitg.com

Sweet Chocolate Solutions
Interest in chocolate as a “healthy indulgence” snack has been partly driven by consumers’ increased awareness of dark chocolate’s healthy phytochemicals. To capitalize on this interest, food manufacturers can create healthier products with BENEO-Palatinit’s next-generation sugar, Palatinose™ (isomaltulose). Sugar-based snacks result in decreased pH values in the mouth, which damages tooth enamel. Palatinose, a disaccharide derived from beet sugar, is a teeth-friendly sugar suitable for confectionery, snacks, cereal bars, dairy products and beverages. Its protective benefits for teeth have been supported by use of interdental plaque-pH telemetry showing the pH value in the mouth remains at least 5.7 for 30 minutes after consumption of Palatinose products. Chocolates successfully tested for teeth-friendliness can be labeled with the “Happy Tooth” signet of Toothfriendly International. BENEO-Palatinit, 973-539-6644, info.usa@beneo-palatinit.com, www.beneo-palatinit.com

Reliable Enzymes
For more than 50 years, one company has been helping its clients by supplying high-quality products for applications in baking, dairy, brewing, nutraceutical, flavor, tenderizers and more. Enzyme Development Corporation’s classes of enzymes include: carbohydrases--non-starch hydrolyzing and starch hydrolyzing; proteases--animal origin, botanical origin, bacterial and fungal; lipases--esterases (microbial); cellulases; hemicellulases; pecitnases; and specialties. Enzymes for meat tenderizing include Pano® 300, papain, Enzeco® Bromelain 240, Enzeco Ficin 260 and more. Enzyme Development Corporation, 212-736-1580, www.EnzymeDevelopment.com

New GRAS Status
The spotlight was on one company’s natural, mixed carotenoids at this year’s IFT Food Expo. Cognis’ Betatene® is now self-affirmed GRAS for food and beverage applications. A natural colorant composed of high-concentration, algae-based natural carotenoids in water-dispersible powders and oils, Betatene is safe for use in baked, egg and dairy products; cereals; gelatins and puddings; processed fruits and juices; meal replacements; medical foods; and much more, says the company. Products with Betatene can say “natural beta-carotene” on the ingredient list and have other labeling advantages, such as natural and safe source of vitamin A or the potential use of claims such as “helps maintain a healthy immune system” or “helps maintain healthy skin.” Cognis, 800-673-3702, www.cognis.com

Cool Flavors and Concepts
Attendees of IFT sampled savory side bars and experienced what is new in the world of flavor trends at one company’s booth. David Michael & Co.’s Soup & Salad Savory Side Bars featured Caramelized Onion, Garlic Butter Herb or Black Pepper Parmesan flavors. While the baking process of side bars is similar to biscotti, they are designed to crumble with only a slight amount of effort and remain dry and crisp in texture. Also available to sample was Sweet Onion Vanilla Dip--a creamy, sweet and savory vanilla dressing that is great with vegetables, grilled seafood or salad, says the company. Visitors were said to leave feeling recharged after washing it all down with a Yumberry-flavored Red Tea slush, which contained high levels of antioxidants, had a smooth, sweet taste and was caffeine-free. David Michael & Co., 215-632-3100, www.dmflavors.com

Overcoming Flavoring Challenges
In response to the changing needs of food and beverage manufacturers and consumers, one company showcased an array of new product development and ingredient capabilities centered on health, energy and sweetness at this year’s IFT Food Expo. Visitors to Cargill’s booth learned about and sampled eight food and beverage prototypes (focused on the three areas mentioned above), as well as learning strategies for overcoming technical and flavoring challenges associated with formulating products that deliver distinct consumer benefits. Cargill also showcased its capabilities of rebiana-compatible flavor solutions, based on recently patented technology. The new flavor solutions are ideally suited for cereal, yogurt, ice cream and more. Cargill, www.cargill.com

Easy Riders
Drivers can improve their ability to reduce glare and recover from it more quickly, without the use of sunglasses. Recent scientific research has revealed that FloraGLO® Lutein and OPTISHARP® Zeaxanthin go beyond their widely known eye protection benefits for mature adults to provide the enhanced eye health advantages. In-depth studies show that FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin help to reduce the blinding effects of glare and improve recovery, according to DSM Nutritional Products. Rigorous clinical trials also indicate they help to improve contrast acuity, allowing individuals to see images more clearly--even under low light conditions. Furthermore, the company states, FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin have been shown to improve the eye’s ability to filter blue light, the most damaging part of light, which is abundant under a blue sky, reflecting off water surfaces or in front of a computer screen. DSM Nutritional Products Inc., 800-526-0189, www.unlimitednutrition-na.dsm.com

New Texture Systems Debut
A new family of texture systems debuted at IFT Food Expo. National Starch Food Innovation’s wide range of new, optimized texture systems has been developed for the North American market and will enable manufacturers of soups, sauces, dressings and dairy products to transform the texture profiles of many foods or build back texture, when reformulation is needed, says the company. The new PRECISA™ Cling and PRECISA Cream texture systems, the first outputs of the company’s unique DIAL-IN™ Texture Technology, can assist processed food producers in creating consumer-appealing textures and also in reducing the use of costly ingredients, while maintaining excellent eating qualities. National Starch Food Innovation, 866-961-NATL (6285), www.foodinnovation.com

Sodium-free Baking Powder
One of America’s leading producers of chemical leavening systems for the home, foodservice and commercial bakeries is offering a competitive advantage with its sodium- and aluminum-free baking powder. Clabber Girl’s InnovaFree™ Baking Powder, developed in conjunction with Innophos Inc., incorporates CAL-RISE® sodium-free leavening agent. The new powder was introduced at IFT in June. InnovaFree Baking Powder with CAL-RISE allows bakers to reduce sodium levels in finished goods by as much as 50%, says the company. Clabber Girl, 812-232-9446, www.clabbergirl.com

Fresh and Healthy Drink Technology
Makers of a patented probiotic strain announced a new probiotic-enhanced beverage with an innovative bottle cap dispensing system. Ganeden Biotech Inc., along with Liquid Health Labs, has developed PowerCap® technology, which stores probiotics in the bottle’s cap and dispenses them into water with the press of a button. This creates a new category of ready-to-go, healthy drinks. The drink, called FHS, or Fresh Healthy Stuff, includes 12oz of ultra-purified water in the bottle, and a powdered formulation loaded with GanedenBC30® probiotics, antioxidants from fruit concentrates, vitamins and prebiotic fiber stored in the bottle cap. To learn more about these beverages, visit www.freshhealthystuff.com . Ganeden Biotech Inc., www.ganedenlabs.com , Liquid Health Labs, www.liquidhealthlabs.com

From Soup to Nuts
A variety of tasty soups highlighting the thickening and stabilizing properties of one company’s stabilized starches was on hand at IFT. PURE-GEL® stabilized starches, INSCOSITY® cold water-swelling starches, PURE-COTE® film-forming starches and PURE-DENT® absorbent starches, all from Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), were available in a myriad of products for IFT attendees. Delicious, organic lemonade made with MALTRIN OR™ organic rice maltodextrin and high-fiber bars made with TruBran® oat fiber are just two of the offerings available. PURE-COTE and MALTRIN maltodextrin were also the featured ingredients in a sampling of seasoned California almond snacks. Grain Processing Corporation, 563-264-4265, www.grainprocessing.com

Value-added Ingredients
Two new value-added ingredient solutions were showcased at IFT. GTC Nutrition featured Purimune™ high-purity GOS, a prebiotic that supports immune health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, and is available in powder form. Also featured was Nu-Mega® omega-3 DHA microencapsulated ingredients--this includes ThermoMAX®, formulated to tolerate baking temperatures--and Driphorm®, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Fortification with Nu-Mega allows food processors to enrich everyday foods with omega-3 DHA to support cognitive function, heart health and visual acuity, and they are available in both oil and powder forms. GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International Inc., 303-468-5077, www.gtcnutritionsolutions.com

Yeast Launches
At IFT, one company presented new solutions with natural ingredients for salt reduction, flavor enhancement and preservation of food products. Biorigin’s new ingredients were divided into three new brands: Biozalt, Bioenhance and Biogard. The company also launched the inactive torula (Candida utilis) yeast in the product line Goldcell, which also includes inactive and autolyzedSaccharomyces cereviciaeyeast. The company presented yeast extraction solutions featuring their brands, and offered visitors a chance to taste the final products. Biorigin, Brazil, +55(14)3269 9200, www.biorigin.com

New Reference Standards
As the number of food and beverage products sweetened with stevia-based ingredients continues to grow in the U.S. and worldwide, the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) announced that new reference standards for rebaudioside-A and stevioside are now available. The reference standards for these two ingredients complement the soon-to-be-released written testing standard for high-purity rebaudioside-A in theFood Chemicals Codex(FCC), a collection of documentary standards for food ingredients that allow manufacturers to demonstrate the quality, and thus related aspects of safety, of the products they provide to consumers. The written FCC testing standard for high-purity rebaudioside-A is expected to be released August 31, 2009. For more information and to purchase the reference standards, visit www.usp.org/products/reference Standards/.

The Food-mood Enigma
The July 6, 2009, issue ofE-dition,Prepared Foods’ electronic newsletter, carried an exclusive piece on foods and ingredients purported to affect mood. In particular, the impact of caffeine on mental alertness; chocolate and theanine on calmness; and simple sugars on energy and mood was briefly discussed, including some dosage information and theorized mechanisms. For example, chocolate’s tryptophan plays a role in the production of serotonin, as perhaps do complex carbohydrates. Chocolate also triggers release of endorphins, natural opiates.

The item was submitted by John J. Smith, Ph.D., Cantaleir International Inc., a company specializing in technology, product and business development in the food and beverage industry. Smith can be reached at jsmith@cantaleir.com"> or 847-651-1474.

To see the complete version of theE-ditionarticle, type in “Mood Enigma” in the search field at www.PreparedFoods.com .

Making Blue Whoopie
The new/old tradition of whoopie pie was a treat for the senses at IFT. The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council provided tasty samples of the following big bakery trend. The pies are small, portable, personal-sized and whimsical. Making one with blueberries is sure to make people smile. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, www.blueberrycouncil.org

Easy Blueberry Filling
Add a little blueberry happiness to any whoopie. This easy blueberry filling adds beautiful color and luscious, deep-scintillating flavor.

60lb blueberries, frozen
25lb sugar (mix sugar with stabilizer)
1lb stabilizer--agar
16lb water
1lb 8oz lemon juice
6lb cornstarch
6lb water

Procedure:Combine blueberries, sugar-stabilizer mix, water and lemon juice in a steam kettle. Bring to a boil. Dissolve cornstarch in water and add to boiling blueberry mix. Cool.