Whey proteins offer unique nutritional benefits including the highest biological value of natural proteins, containing all of the essential amino acids and the highest levels of branched chain amino acids. Preferred by millions of consumers as the gold standard for nutritional comparison of protein, whey is now used to make “crisps,” providing high protein, a crunchy texture and a clean flavor. Some grain-based, high-protein crisp products often can possess negative off flavors that must be masked. Other grain-based crunchy products generally do not contain enough protein to enhance nutritional value.


Grande Custom Ingredients Group provides a crispy whey product called WPCrisp® made by combining functional whey protein with a natural carbohydrate in a patented extrusion process. This combination of quality whey protein, mild milky flavor and crunchy texture make the ingredient line ideal for nutritional products such as bars, cereals, snacks, granola, trail mix, yogurt toppings and salad toppings.

This line of patented whey protein crisps can be customized in various sizes, shapes, colors and flavors, with up to 80% protein. Grande Custom Ingredients Group food scientists work with clients to meet unique nutritional needs while maintaining appropriate texture. Adjusting protein levels affects the expansion of the crisp. “We have tested WPCrisp under various moisture conditions, and they maintain their texture in storage and in applications as well or better than other high-protein crisps,” says Steve Dott, director of sales and marketing, Grande Custom Ingredients Group. Colors and flavors can be added to the mix prior to extrusion, according to the customer’s selection.

Grande Custom Ingredients Group maintains a very authentic and natural approach to all the whey products they make, using no chemical preservatives. The cheese process is maintained with strict control over the Grade A milk supply making white Italian cheese. Therefore, the result is a growing supply of fresh, white, Grade A whey that does not require chemicals or bleach. And while dairy ingredients typically cost more than plant-based alternatives, company officials say they offer a superior flavor and nutritional profile.

High-protein sports and meal replacement bars are the leading products using WPCrisps, which are designed to be used as inclusions in bars, mixed with other healthy ingredients, flavored or coated, or eaten alone as a snack. The ingredients can be used wherever soy or rice crisps are, with no extraordinary changes or concerns. Depending on the degree of customization, the labeling of WPCrisps is simply “whey protein concentrate and starch.”

A versatile ingredient worth checking out, WPCrisp offers flavor, texture, quality nutritional enhancement and clean labeling.

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The original version of this document was posted October 2006.  Updated and reposted January 2010.