Not the Chia from the 70s
Now, three of the hottest consumer food trends can be addressed with a single ingredient. Chia Max® Omega-3, from chia seed, is a solvent-free extract that provides at least 3% ALA omega-3, along with 29% protein and 50% fiber. This all-in-one product has a neutral flavor, while providing a good source of the needed amino acids for good health, the company claims. The product provides an ALA/omega-3 source with a one-year shelflife, at a reasonable cost, and comes both in coarse-cut, for particulate look, and in a fine powder. P.L. Thomas, 973-984-0900, ext. 214,  

Milestone for Food Companies
In keeping with a commitment to deliver innovations for food companies and consumers, two companies have reached an important regulatory milestone that advances the development of foods containing what they call the world’s first stearidonic acid (SDA) omega-3 soybean oil product. Monsanto Company and Solae LLC were recently issued a GRAS notice from the FDA, confirming that SDA omega-3 soybean oil can be used under the intended conditions of use. The GRAS status enables food companies to develop and test foods containing the new omega-3 oil—important steps towards consumers being able to benefit from this product in a variety of food products with an acceptable taste experience, according to the companies. Monsanto Company, , Solae LLC,

Structural Health Claims Granted    
One company’s brand of natural astaxanthin has been allowed use of 12 new structural health claims by the FDA. Algatechnologies’ AstaPure® brand astaxanthin’s health claims are based on a vast number of clinical and pre-clinical trials, proving health benefits of natural astaxanthin to human health and awareness, says the company. For more than 10 years, astaxanthin’s role in enhancing the immune system and preventing oxidative stress has been the subject of international research. The major principle behind structural health claims regulation is all advertising must be truthful and not misleading, and advertisers must have substantiation for all objective advertising claims, before they are disseminated. Algatechnologies Ltd., +972-8-6356425,

Ancient Remedy in New Form
A branded purslane herb extract has been launched. Frutarom USA’s Portusana™ is a scientifically supported purslane herb extract that improves sugar metabolism, leading to healthier blood glucose levels, says Frutarom. Long used as a medicinal plant, purslane was a remedy for a variety of ailments, such as headaches and stomach problems. Portusana is a natural, purslane-derived, multifunctional ingredient for innovative applications targeting the growing market of blood glucose and weight management. Portusana positively affects blood glucose metabolism by reducing the transport of glucose from the intestine into the bloodstream; increasing the uptake of glucose from the blood into cells; and modulating the sensitivity of cells to insulin, says the company. Frutarom USA Inc., 952-920-7700,

Road Show Success
The seventh annual David Michael Innovations Roadshow® presented 28 new product concepts, flavors and technologies. Attendees took away any number of ideas for their own product lines: new flavor insights, unique product development applications, category transfer ideas and, most importantly, a renewed sense of creativity. The Roadshow’s Innovation Showcase gave DM’s talented staff the opportunity to explore new concepts, conduct research or work outside of their area of expertise, says the company. The event ended with a panel discussion, “National Brands & Private Label: Strategies for Success.” Mike Schall, senior vice president, Monterey Gourmet Foods, led the discussion, presenting the strategies both branded and private label experts utilize in marketing their products in today’s supermarket environment. Start planning early for next year’s show, in Philadelphia, October 2010.  David Michael & Co.,

Pure Krill Oil Grade
In response to popular demand from the U.S nutraceutical market, one company has developed a new pure krill oil grade which yields high levels of astaxanthin. Enzymotec announced the launch of its new grade of Pure Krill Oil+™ 4014F, as part of its strategy to provide the widest selection of krill products to customers. Enzymotec’s innovative Pure Krill Oil grade is produced using a proprietary process developed by scientists at Enzymotec’s headquarters in Israel. This ingredient provides 40% krill phospholipids and 14% omega-3 fatty acids, with 200ppm astaxanthin. The company claims it has the benefits of pure krill oil, with an excellent cost structure, and it is available to market in both bulk and soft gel forms. Enzymotec Ltd., Israel, +972 74 7177 121,

Impressive Joint Health Research
Results published in theInternational Journal of Medical Sciencesshows one product significantly reduces pain, stiffness and immobility associated with osteoarthritis better than glucosamine plus chondroitin. InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc.’s UC-II® was part of a 90-day, randomized, double-blind study, where results indicated that 40mg of UC-II undenatured type II collagen was more than twice as effective as 1,500mg of glucosamine plus 1,200mg of chondroitin. The decreases in pain, stiffness and immobility were measured by three reliable and accurate measurement indexes for osteoarthritis: WOMAC, VAS and Lequesne. InterHealth calls UC-II an effective and safe choice for increased joint comfort, function and flexibility. InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc.,

Whey Protein Solution
One food solutions group revealed a hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate that is geared toward the ready-to-drink functional beverage category. Milk Specialties Global Food Solutions Group’s whey protein product features clarity in solution and a mild hydrolysis flavor characteristic. It is highly suitable for energy, recovery and weight-management beverages. The protein is manufactured in the U.S. using a gentle hydrolysis and filtration process. Milk Specialties Global Food Solutions Group, 952-942-7310, ext. 5103,

Organic FOS
A company that has provided all-natural, functional and formulation-friendly fiber ingredients to the food, beverage and nutritional supplement industries is launching a new entry to its product line in the U.S. BENEO-Orafti’s Orafti® L58 Organic “redefines the cutting edge, in terms of functional fiber benefits in an organic form,” according to the company. A liquid, organic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS), which has received organic certification from BCS Öko, Germany, under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) standards, is produced from organic sugar. L58 Organic offers the key technical and nutritional properties food producers have come to expect from Orafti ingredients. BENEO-Orafti Inc.,

No Blues About This
Colors are vitally important to developers of food and beverages. They help make products more visually appealing and aid in minimizing variations, due to ingredient stability and appearance. Colors are one of WILD’s specialties, especially natural options, which also provide vivid hues. Colors from Nature®, WILD’s natural line of colors (including the new acid-stable, naturally-derived blue) are heat-and light-stable. These color-producing solutions will ensure grand visual appeal in finished products. WILD’s new acid-stable, naturally derived blue fulfills the blue spectrum that is currently lacking in the world of natural colors, says the company. WILD Flavors Inc., 888-WILD-FLAVORS,

New Immune Defense Aid
A new study demonstrates positive immune response by a larch arabinogalactan ingredient. LAG-based ResistAid™, from Lonza, was the subject of the study, which showed its immune benefits are broadened to include the adaptive immune response, a reaction to specific antigens. The study further showed ResistAid had an immunomodulatory effect, meaning it enhanced the appropriate response to the antigen--without indiscriminately enhancing other arms of the immune system that would not be expected to respond. Combined with its ability to increase beneficial immune cell populations, while supporting natural killer cells, cytokines, macrophages and white blood cells, ResistAid supplies companies with a science-backed ingredient that can be incorporated into a variety of delivery forms for end-use products, says Lonza. Lonza Inc., or

Pea Fiber Agreement
One ingredients group will be expanding its portfolio of functional fibers to include organic and conventional pea fiber. SunOpta Ingredients Group has entered into a distribution agreement with Best Cooking Pulses of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, which will produce SunOpta™ Pea Fiber. Pea fiber is non-allergenic, non-GMO and gluten-free, and contains up to 90% dietary fiber. SunOpta Pea Fiber has a bland flavor, light color and smooth texture, making it an excellent choice for fiber fortification. Its moisture-binding properties provide improved shelflife in baked goods and higher yields in meat systems, says the company. SunOpta Ingredients Group, 781-276-5171,

End to Yeast and Mold
Clean-label products are the new standard for dairy products, because consumers are turning to “natural,” as they increasingly seek more earth- and family-friendly products. HOLDBAC™ YM (YM=yeast and mold) Protective Cultures, from Danisco USA, give food processors an all-natural and preservative-free solution for yogurts and other acidified dairy products. HOLDBAC YM is not only natural, it also balances yogurt’s taste profile, making it smoother and less acidic, says the company. The family of protective cultures is claimed to control growth of yeasts and molds in fresh, fermented dairy products like yogurt, kefir, sour cream, quark and cottage cheese. Danisco USA Inc., 800-255-6837,

Hispanic Preferences
Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, accounting for 50% of the annual population growth. It is estimated that by 2050, the Hispanic population of the U.S. will be over 100 million and account for 24.4% of the total U.S. population. Virginia Dare, as part of its ongoing Hispanic Consumer Insights Program, has recently completed a research study about Hispanic consumer preferences. Interesting examples of the survey results indicate Hispanics buy or regularly prepare chocolate chip cookies in their households, and they have liked and have tried chocolate cake. Products that Hispanic consumers surveyed said they were least familiar with included zucchini bread,peperecha,cremosas, Gansito snack cakes, macaroons,zemitas, Mallomars, banana cream pie and Key lime pie. The products that the respondents regularly bought or prepared were predominantly mass-produced, mainstream American bakery products. For a copy of the complete summary of this study, contact the marketing department at Virginia Dare at Virginia Dare, 718-788-1776,

The Silk Road
A new custard cream product will amaze with its smooth and silky texture, promises one company. Cremfil Silk, from Puratos, has excellent “sculptability” and stays intact through the baking process, maintaining a beautiful, glossy sheen. It is also well-suited for cold applications and gives excellent clean-cut properties. In addition to bake and freeze/thaw stability, Cremfil Silk avoids excess water evaporation, says the company. This non-dairy custard cream gives long shelflife, enabling companies to unleash their creativity with sweet goods. Puratos Corporation, 800-654-0036,

Longer Shelflife from Omega-3 Oils
Recent studies suggest multiple health benefits associated with oils containing high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. However, these oils have one major limitation: they are extremely susceptible to oxidation, meaning greatly reduced shelflife, due to the development of off-flavors and odors from free radical formation. Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems for oils high in omega-3 fatty acids are formulated from Kalsec® patented technologies and provide superior stability performance with a consumer-friendly label, says Kalsec. Studies show that dietary menhaden fish oils fortified with Duralox Oxidation Management Systems resulted in 4-8 times greater stability over the control, depending on the dosage levels used. Kalsec Inc., 800-323-9320,  

Sweeter Than Sugar
People nowadays lead more sedentary lives; live to much older ages; and are more at risk from lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Sugar intakes can often be out of control. Solo™ Sucralose may be able to provide at least one of the answers. A new, high-quality, intense sweetener, Solo Sucralose is suitable for use in a diverse range of food and drink products, from carbonated beverages to baked goods. It is made from sugar, but is 600 times sweeter, enabling food and beverage manufacturers to reduce and even eliminate sugar from many of their products. It is also extremely stable, so it can be used at high temperatures, as well as in acid (low pH) environments. Bioplus Life Sciences,

Contract Manufacturer Expands Processing & Packaging Capabilities
Maple Island has expanded its quality food powder processing and packaging capabilities with the addition of a Forberg fluidized zone mixer. Production costs can be significantly reduced, because the mixer achieves complete homogeneity--a mix variance of less than 1%--in seconds, rather than minutes. The blender’s patented design delivers this level of efficiency. Twin-shaft, overlapping paddle assemblies counter-rotate at comparatively low rotor speeds, drawing material from each rotor drum and lifting the ingredients up and between the rotors. This creates a fluidized zone where particulates can freely blend, eliminating segregation. Maple Island, 800-369-1022,

Savory and Savvy
For over 10 years, Savoury Systems’ products have included conventional and organic yeast extracts, which can be used as flavor enhancers, salt replacers, or MSG replacers. These products are typically used in soups, sauces, marinades, snack foods and other prepared foods. Products include Salt Replacer #0863, which is yeast extract-based and effective at a 1:4 ratio to salt; #0835 Umami Flavor, which contributes to umami flavor in Asian or savory food products; and #1079, a high-nucleotide yeast extract with over 20% natural source of 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP. Savoury Systems International Inc., 888-534-6621,

Better Texture with Pectin
A new range of pectin products designed to create new textures in reduced-sugar and sugar-free jams, jellies and fruit spreads is now available. Marketed under the GENU® Explorer brand, CP Kelco produces these new pectin types using a unique and proprietary process, which significantly maintains the pectin’s properties, more like that found in the native fruit. The GENU Explorer pectin range offers jams and fruit spreads with smoother textures. The jams have improved visual appeal, due to a significant reduction in syneresis, and improved fruit distribution. CP Kelco, 678-247-7413,  

Emerging Nutricosmetics
The November 23, 2009, issue ofE-dition,Prepared Foods’ electronic newsletter, examined the commercialization of foods and beverages offering beauty benefits and its emergence as a stand-alone category. The current buzz words of cosmeceuticals, dermaceuticals, biocosmetics and nutricosmetics are used to describe the application of ingredients traditionally found in foods offering skin health benefit. The potential of this market is yet to be fully realized, but its consumer base reaches across genders, age groups and continents.    

Business Insights analysis has found that by 2011, the beauty foods and drinks market is expected to be worth an estimated $6.6 billion, with a strong growth rate of 4.8% predicted until 2016. The functional food and ingredient market has become well-established across multiple health platforms--from heart health, joint health and mood management to sports performance. As a natural progression, the ability of foods to deliver appearance-related benefits was inevitable. The main appeal of these beauty foods, beverages and dietary supplements is their role as natural anti-aging treatments, influencing the processes which cause wrinkles, a loss of skin tone and elasticity.

Anti-aging and beautifying products that target the physiological processes of aging will become a likely purchase for this consumer demographic. To formulate and develop specific marketing claims for such products, a thorough understanding of the biology behind the process of skin aging is required.

Despite a growing interest in the anti-aging and skin health markets, the underlying consumer motivation for purchasing these products is to see results. If a company can demonstrate that product “X” delivers on its promise, consumers are almost guaranteed to be willing to pay a premium price. Due to many of the skin health changes from beauty foods (especially over the short-term) being undetectable to the human eye, the use of technology, such as Dermoscan, is a key tool to demonstrate results to the consumer.

Business Insights’ report, “The Evolution of Beauty Ingredients in Food and Drinks: Innovation and Future Strategies for Success,” establishes that nutritional interventions can come in two basic formats: dietary supplements, and functional/fortified foods and beverages.

For more information, contact Hannah Wright,, at Datamonitor, or visit . To see the complete version of thisE-ditionarticle or to subscribe toE-dition, go to .

Dairy’s Health Messaging

Dairy, Health and Wellness
One presentation, “Health & Wellness in a Package,” given at the 2009 WWFE, by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, noted consumers are looking for health and wellness solutions. However, other non-dairy beverages are aggressively taking ownership of health and wellness, including “kidnapping” dairy’s equity in this area. Dairy has a powerful story to tell, however. For example, dairy’s nutrient profile is an integral part of its make-up, and there is scientific back-up to support numerous claims. Dairy products contain nine essential nutrients, including calcium, protein, niacin, potassium, phosphate, riboflavin, and vitamins A, B12 and D. Significant consumer research has been conducted in the quest to understand dairy’s nutritional positioning. It was discovered that, beyond milk’s calcium, the most compelling nutrients to consumers today are vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12 and potassium. The research uncovered other key points for consumer messaging:

--Communicating a superior position (e.g., “number one source” or “excellent source”) resonates well and potentially protects against the competition.
--Consumers want more authentic claims and nutrition facts; avoid generalized/commercial language (e.g., “take a fresh look inside”).
--While appealing to emotion and higher order benefits can be powerful, there must be a solid foundation supporting the claims.
--Be clear about the attribute (nutrient) and the resulting benefit.

For daily industry news updates, see the homepage of and .

* Virginia Dare promoted Canesha Appleton to marketing associate and also announced the development of a range of masking flavors to optimize the taste profile of foods and beverages sweetened with stevia. 
* D.D. Williamson added Glen Dreher, Ph.D., to its Science and Innovation team at the Global Support Center in Louisville.
* Danisco has created a new website focused on communicating the benefits of its probiotics,, and introduced a range of GRINDSTED® cellulose gum (highly purified CMC) for the food, oral care and pharmaceutical industries.
* Cargill announced that Cargill Alking Bioengineering (Hubei) Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Cargill and Alking Bioengineering, is nearing completion of a new facility in Wuhan, China, for the production of arachidonic acid-rich oil (ARA).
* The Roquette Group has launched , a new website designed specifically for food professionals and dedicated to showcase the image of the company’s SweetPearl maltitol.
* Sargento Foods Inc. hired Elizabeth Neils as associate marketing manager for its Consumer Products Division and promoted Jim Schafer to senior director of marketing with its foodservice division.
* Sensient Dairy and Sweet Systems launched a new website,.
* Kemin Industries introduced AMPLIVITA™, an antimicrobial system designed to keep Indian ethnic sweets fresh for a longer period of time, without impacting their original taste profile.
* ConAgra Foods promoted Colleen Batcheler to executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary.
* The Ventura Foods Members Committee announced the appointment of Christopher Furman as the new president and CEO of Ventura Foods LLC.