Applications for Egg Yolk Granules

January 27/Journal of Technology & Science -- "No important practical applications have been developed for egg yolk granules until now. However, as they have low cholesterol content and maintain good emulsifying properties, granules could be employed as a potential ingredient in the food industry," scientists in Oviedo, Spain, explain.

"In this work, granules obtained in the laboratory by a simple procedure were used as emulsifying agent in mayonnaise preparation. The aim was to develop a low-cholesterol mayonnaise with properties similar to those of typical mayonnaise. For this purpose, three low-cholesterol formulations prepared in the laboratory were compared with a mayonnaise prepared using yolk and also with a commercial mayonnaise. The rheological characteristics of mayonnaises were evaluated, as well as their microstructure and sensorial properties. In addition, color and particle size measurements at different times of storage were carried out to assess stability," wrote A. Laca and colleagues, University of Oviedo.

The researchers concluded, "According to results, the use of granules allows the preparation of a low-cholesterol mayonnaise which shows similar characteristics to those of a typical mayonnaise."

Laca and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Food Engineering ("Rheological Properties, Stability and Sensory Evaluation of Low-cholesterol Mayonnaises Prepared Using Egg Yolk Granules as Emulsifying Agent." Journal of Food Engineering, UNKNOWN DATE;97(2):243-252).

For additional information, contact M. Diaz, University of Oviedo, Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Environmental Technology, C Julian Claveria S-N, E-33071 Oviedo, Spain.

From the February 1, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition