Body Temp Increase from Caffeine

February 17/Kingston, Ontario, Canada/Biotech Law Weekly -- Research findings, "The Effects of Caffeine During Exercise in Fire Protective Ensemble," are discussed in a new report. According to the research published in the journal Ergonomics, "To examine the effects of caffeine during exercise in fire protective ensemble (FPE), 10 healthy males completed three 10-minute bouts of treadmill exercise on two separate days. Some 60 minutes prior to exercise, either 6mg/kg of caffeine (CAFF) or dextrose placebo (PLA) capsules were ingested (randomly assigned, double blind)."

"End-exercise gastrointestinal temperature (T(gi)) was higher in CAFF compared to PLA (38.80 ±0.08 degrees C vs. 38.43 ±0.11 degrees C, pThe researchers concluded, "To the authors' knowledge, this is the first study involving humans and exercise to detect an increase in body temperature with caffeine ingestion."

Kellawan and colleagues published their study in Ergonomics ("The Effects of Caffeine During Exercise in Fire Protective Ensemble." Ergonomics,/i>, 2009;52(11):1445-54).

For additional information, contact J.M. Kellawan, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

From the March 1, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition