On the Street: An ACT of Vegetable Juices

 June 9/Bedford Park, Ill./Vegetable Juices Inc. -– Vegetable Juices Inc. helps bring garden freshness, flavor and nutrition to formulators with its new Advanced Concentration Technology (ACT), a technology for processing fruit and vegetable concentrates gently and naturally.

The right fruit or vegetable juice concentrate can increase vegetable servings in juices and provide the full vegetable RDA for both children and adults.  ACT retains a great percentage of the vitamins and minerals found naturally in fruits, to provide a clean flavor and aroma, preserve volatile top-notes and antioxidant content.  It can help naturally sweeten and reduce sodium content as well.

Latest research shows that top consumer beverage trends in 2010 continue to focus on health and wellness, with an increased interest in lower sodium and a strong desire for convenience products.  In a blind taste test conducted by an independent research firm, consumers preferred the fresh, natural taste of VJI’s ACT processed juices five to one over other competitively processed juices.

"Imagine the ultimate in consumer convenience, a fresh, tasty beverage that not only supplies an entire day's requirement for fruit and vegetable servings for better health, but also tastes great," said Dave Perkowski, vice president of marketing and customer support for Vegetable Juices Inc. "And we take the difficulty out of processing the most popular juice blends for you.  VJI offers a variety of individual juice flavors as well as the capability to blend several different vegetables together to make unique and customized blends of juices.”  

Sweet potato juice concentrate, celery and cucumber rank among the most popular now. In the experimental stage for beverage blends VJI is working on purple carrot, yellow tomato and cantaloupe.

From the June 21, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition