Fair Trade KitKats Fairing Well

July 27/York Press -- Nestlé says it is to expand its Fairtrade links, after its initial switch drew an "overwhelmingly positive" response.

The chocolate firm began using Fairtrade cocoa in four-finger KitKats in January and says the move has gone down well with shopkeepers and customers.

It is now looking to build relationships with more cooperatives to increase its supply of Fairtrade cocoa and stave off any potential shortages and is also planning a Fairtrade festive special product for Christmas 2010.

A spokesman for Nestlé said sales had increased in the past six months.

He said, "The response from consumers and retailers of Fairtrade-certified four-finger KitKat has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Over the first six months, not only have we been getting great quality cocoa for KitKat but we have helped to improve the quality of life for many cocoa farmers and their families in the Ivory Coast."

He said it took time to secure the amount of Fairtrade cocoa needed to get the entire brand certified as Fairtrade, but he said efforts to increase supplies were ongoing.

He explained, "We will continue to work with Fairtrade to build relationships with additional co-ops to increase the supply from the Ivory Coast, and we are delighted that this Christmas, we will have a seasonal Fairtrade Kit Kat product, which is the next step on our Fairtrade journey."  

From theAugust 2, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition